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A Guide to TUFS, Fall Quarter 〜Campus Life in the COVID Era〜

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The fall quarter, incorporating face-to-face classes, is about to begin. For some first-year students it may be the first time you come to the university campus since your entrance examinations. So in this issue of TUFS Today, we are featuring “A Guide to TUFS, Fall Quarter”. Although there is no need to worry as you will get used to campus life soon, please take a look at this guide to help get you started. It also contains information necessary for seniors, so please make the most of it.

1.Before coming to school

  • Please take your temperature when you wake up in the morning. If you do not feel well, do not come to school.
  • Please download the Health Check List.
    (This will help you keep record of your health. It does not need to be submitted.)
  • Don’t forget to wear a mask before leaving home.

2.The Research and Lecture Building where classes take place

  • This is a map of the campus. You will be taking classes in the Research and Lecture Building.
  • Use the entrance closest to the Central Plaza (“enkei hiroba”) and take your temperature with the thermal sensor upon entering the building.
    If you have a fever, take your temperature again, and if it remains the same visit the Health Care Center for assistance.
There is a thermography camera at the north side (Tama station side) of the Research and Lecture Building.
  • Please check this map of classrooms within the building. The classroom number for your class will be indicated on your timetable on your personal Information System (“gakumu”) page.

Research and Lecture Building first floor

Research and Lecture Building second floor

Research and Lecture Building third floor

  • Most classes will be held on the first-third floor. Please take the stairs and not the elevators.
Use the stairs up to the third floor. Maximum elevator capacity is five people.

3.In classrooms

  • Be seated apart from others and keep track of where you were seated in each class. We recommend you to always sit in the same area.
  • When asked by the professor, cooperate in opening windows etc.
  • Please wear your mask during class and use the mouth shield provided to you if instructed by the professor.

4.Wash your hands after classes

  • It is difficult to avoid touching things on campus. We ask that you wash your hands after classes. Hand sanitizers are also effective and can be found on campus.
We have newly installed handwashing stations on campus: four on the first floor main corridor and one each in front of restrooms on the first-third floor. On the first floor you will also see a manual on washing hands written in 28 languages.

5.If you need to take online classes on campus

  • You may use the Zoom or PC classrooms. They will be indicated with the mark below.
You will be able to take Zoom classes in classrooms with this mark.
  • If you have your own PC and headset (with a microphone), please use the Zoom classrooms.
    Classrooms 101, 226, and 227 will be reserved for taking Zoom classes only. Partitions in these classrooms will help you concentrate. Classrooms 102, 103, 107, 108, 109, 113, 114 and 115 are also available when not being used for classes. Classroom schedules will be indicated at the entrance of the Research and Lecture Building.
  • Instructions for connecting to Zoom are provided in the classrooms.
Partitions are installed in classrooms 101, 226, and 227.

Zoom classrooms, Research and Lecture Building first floor

Zoom classrooms, Research and Lecture Building second floor

  • If you do not have a PC with you, you may use the desktop computers in the PC classrooms. These classrooms are only available when not being used for other classes.
    Please bring your own headset (with a microphone).You will be connected once you have started the computer and entered your account ID and password (the blue password).

PC classrooms, Research and Lecture Building second floor

  • You will only be able to connect to Zoom in the classrooms mentioned above. Please note that you will have access to Wi-Fi in other areas on campus, but you will not be able to connect to Zoom. Network connection other than Zoom is also available in Zoom classrooms.
  • If you have any concerns, please go to classroom 100. Graduate students will support you.

6.Using the library

  • As you have learned in Academic Literacy, the library contains a large number of books in a variety of languages. Please read the library policies carefully before using its facilities. From October 1, the reading room will also be available with less seating. The library will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. during the month of October (subject to change).

7.During lunch

  • The university cafeteria is always a useful option, but due to the fact that there are less seats, it may be crowded. We ask that you avoid using the cafeteria during busy hours.
  • Please bring your own lunch or buy lunchboxes for sale on and around campus, and try to eat at different locations on campus. When the weather is nice, it may also be a nice option to lay out a picnic sheet in the Central Plaza.
We have installed acrylic panels in the university cafeteria.

8.What about circle activities?

  • Circle activities have recommenced since September 1. First-year students must follow the instructions of upperclassmen and also abide by the guidelines for extracurricular activities and use of facilities as well as other rules. Circle activities are on a shortened schedule (until 5 p.m.) until Friday, October 9; after Monday, October 12, this will be changed to 8 p.m.

9.After classes and circle activities

  • We ask that you directly go home and you refrain from eating or drinking out with more than five people.
  • If you have a part-time job, check the infection prevention measures that the workplace has put into place. We encourage you not to work anywhere that may have issues in this regard.

10.Do you have any questions or concerns?

We can discuss your concerns in person when you come to school, but please let us know online first.

Checklist for students coming to school

Please download and use the checklist from here.