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Voluntarily and on their own responsibility students conduct extracurricular athletic, cultural, intellectual, and social clubs according to their interests and abilities. These activities, together with academic research through the regular curriculum, play an indispensable and important role in the campus life of students here at TUFS. Diverse experience gained through extracurricular activities, and friendships cultivated outside of the classroom are quite useful after students graduate and go out into society. TUFS has 51 cultural and 49 athletic circles and clubs authorized to conduct extracurricular activities.

Below, we will introduce 13 of them.

(A booklet with more information is available at the counter of the Student Affairs Division and the International Student Division. If you would like to join a club or circle, please refer to this.)

Arts Clubs

Acoustic Circle “AA”

Activities: Regular meetings (held on every Tuesday) and practices before each concert (held every two or three months).
Message: Let’s enjoy our friendship through playing music!

TOFSIA (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies International Association)

Activities: We hold events, such as party, hiking, karaoke, or bowling, to promote friendship among international students and Japanese students.
Message: Join us to interact with Japanese students who want to be your friends!


Activities: We play salsa music. You can enjoy playing the piano,bass,horn or latin parcussions here.
Message: Enjoy latin music with us!

Drama club THE WARAWA ZA

Activities: Basic practice, such as stretch, voice training and tongue training. Impromptu drama practice. Perform a drama on stage. The members also control and prepare sounds, lights, equipment etc.
Message: We have international student members too. Let’s do drama in Japanese together!

The theatrical company Dadan

Activities: We all are making various dramas friendly and cheerfully!
Message: Every year international students enter our club. We welcome beginners too! Have a nice drama experience in your life.

Omotesenke Tea Ceremony Club

Activities: We learn the mannears of Omotesenke and practice making tea and having tea and sweets. We have some tea ceremonies and make tea for guests. In the summer vacation, we have a tea training camp.
Message: We welcome international students and beginners! Those who are interested in tea ceremony

Urasenke Sado(Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony) Club

Activities: In this club, you will practice various tea ceremony procedures, instructed by a master and members of the club kindly and thoroughly. You can eat genuine, tasty and beautiful Japanese-style confection once a month. Various events and tea ceremonies are held in a year, and each time you can put on a kimono.
Message: Traditional Japanese tea ceremony is one of the traditional Japanese culture. It represents Japanese spirits which respect and receive people cordially. Through it, you can understand Japanese culture and thought better and feel Japanese-style world of beauty. In addition, you can encounter other various traditional Japanese culture such as kimono and Japanese-style confection. Our motto is to practice pleasantly. You do not have to have any knowledge about tea ceremony because members of the club will guide you from the basics. Anyone is welcome. We very much hope you will experience tea ceremony once. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Japanese-style room, preparing for tasty Japanese tea and confection.


Activities: We promote the charity called ‘Table for Two(TFT).’ By eating the healthy meal assigned as ‘TFT menu,’ \20 from each meal will be donated to the developing countries as school lunch fee.
Message: If you are interested in volunteer activities and don’t know what to choose, please come and join us!

Association of Interpretation Trainees

Activities: We practice consecutive interpreting (J-E and E-J). Our goal is to improve our English and especially to acquire skilles for interpreting.
Message: You need to understand both Japanese and English because the combination of languages we learn is only Japanese-English. But if your mother tongue is neither Japanese nor English, don’t hesitate to join us! We’d like to learn interpretating with many students from various backgrounds since the interpretating is closely related to the inter-cultural communication.

Athletic clubs

K-POP Cover Dance Club ‘Souls’

Activities: K-POP dances (Events inside and outside TUFS)
Message: Let’s dance K-POP dance! Please let us know if you are interested in our club!

Women’s Basketball Club

Activities: We’ve been practicing basketball delightfully and earnestly!
Message: There is an international student who plays basketball as a member in our club. Also sometimes some international students come and join in playing basketball with us! We don’t mind whether you used to play basketball or not previously, so feel free to join us

Men’s Basketball Club

Activities: We play basketball.
Message: We love basketball as much as you do!!

Athletic Sports Club

Activities: short/middle/long track training
Message: There are no difficult rules in track and field. Beginners for track and field or Japanese language also can enjoy it. Come run with us!

Aikido club

Activities: Aikido is a kind of Japanese martial arts. The goal of this club is to learn Aikido.
Message: Many international students belong to our club. We practice Aikido in a manner friendly. We welcome beginners too.

List of Clubs and Circles (Including those mentioned above)

Athletic circles and clubs

  • Athletic Sports Club
  • American Football Club “PHANTOMS”
  • Women’s Soccer Club
  • Regulation Baseball Club
  • Women’s Regulation-ball Tennis Club
  • Softball Tennis Club
  • Men’s Volleyball Club
  • Women’s Volleyball Club
  • Kendo Club
  • TUFS Karate Club
  • Aikido Club
  • Kyudo Club
  • Flamenco Club
  • Cheer Leading Club
  • Figure Skating Club
  • Boat Club
  • Women’s Flying Disk Club
  • Philippine Cultural Dance Troupe
  • Classical Ballet Club
  • Futsal Club
  • Korean Dance Club
  • Pom Dance Club “Amity”
  • Handball Club
  • Vietnamese Dance Club “HOA MAI”
  • Softball Baseball Club
  • Men’s Soccer Club
  • Men’s Basketball Club
  • Men’s Regulation-ball Tennis Club
  • Badminton Club
  • Women’s Basketball Club
  • Judo Club
  • Table Tennis Club
  • Fencing Club
  • Shorinji Kempo Club
  • Women’s Lacrosse Club
  • Competitive Dance Club
  • Wandervogel Club
  • Belly Dance Club
  • Men’s Flying Disk Club
  • Indonesian Dance Club
  • Street Dance Club “Quattro”
  • Cycling Club
  • Hula and Tahitian Dance Club
  • K-pop Dance Club “Souls”
  • Indian classic dance KATHAK club
  • Tap Dance Club
  • Argentine Tango Club
  • Rugby Club

Cultural circles and clubs

  • Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Orchestra
  • Classic Guitar Club
  • Hakugakai
  • B razilian Music Club
  • Darmadartz
  • Tufsphoto Club
  • Fine Arts Club
  • Ura Senke Tea Ceremony Club
  • Karuta-kai
  • Society to Study Motion Pictures
  • Society to Study Animated Cartoons
  • PeekABoo All-round Volunteer Circle
  • Association of Interpretation Trainees
  • UriNuri
  • Voice Actor Casting Society
  • TUFS Kraft
  • TUFS Drama Club THE Warawaza
  • Acoustic Music Club “AA”
  • TUFS Transport Research Society “Tricky Trip”
  • Society to Study Salsa
  • TUFS Social Business Society
  • Society to Study Jazz
  • TUFS Bible Study Club
  • Rumuk Russian Folk Song Club
  • Flamenco Music Club
  • TUFS Omotesenke Tea Ceremony Club
  • GMC
  • English Speaking Society (E.S.S.)
  • Mixed Chorus Coeur Soleil
  • Literature Club
  • Ikebana Flower Arrangement Club
  • A Cappella Music Club “LINES”
  • Theater Company Dadan
  • Femme Café
  • TOSFIA International Exchange Society
  • TUFS Japan Syria Student Organization
  • Model United Nations Club
  • W-Win
  • TUFS Board Games Society
  • Japanese Dressing Club “IYEO”
  • Sento Society
  • Mres
  • ELAN
  • Learning Support Club for Children
  • TUFS Fishing Club
  • Society to Study the 19th Century
  • Penda Africa