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Promoting Japan! Our 11 Global Japan Offices

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In order to take on the responsibilities of “Enhancement of Japanese Language and Culture Outreach from Japan to the world” and “Globalization of universities in Japan” in the Top Global University Project (initiated by the Japanese government), TUFS has been establishing Global Japan Offices (GJOs), facilitating development of Japan studies and Japanese-language education, at the main partner institutions in the world.

We aim at settling 38 GJOs by 2023 across the world. Now, let us introduce the current GJO activities.

Myanmar: ‘University of Yangon GJO’- Japanese class & Japanese library


‘The University of Yangon GJO’ was established in December 2014 as the first TUFS-GJO.
Japanese class activities aimed at students and teachers at the University of Yangon are flourishing. The students’ majors include a wide range of subjects, such as law, history, international relations, computer science, zoology, geology, chemistry, and literature.
Also, TUFS has opened the Japanese library at the GJO, donating over 1200 Japanese books. It will help students to learn Japanese even during holidays.
TUFS exchange students are taking important roles for the various activities at the University of Yangon GJO.

Taiwan: ‘Tamkang University GJO’- Japanese Group Chat

Established: December 2014

The Japanese Group Chat has begun, in the response to the GJO visitors’ voice, “we want more opportunities of speaking in Japanese and/or talking with Japanese.” For example, students of both TUFS (Japan) and Tamkang University (Taiwan) introduce each country’s culture in Japanese, under the theme of “Entertainments in Our Country.” Many students recently come to visit the GJO, saying “this is the first time for me to have exposure to Japanese!”

The Japanese library at Tamkang University GJO, which was established by TUFS, is fully and effectively utilized as well as University of Yangon GJO in Myanmar.

U.K.: ‘SOAS, University of London, GJO’- SOAS/TUFS students exchange party

Established: February 2015

Several times a year, we organize student networking events between TUFS exchange students and the SOAS students interested in Japan. Among others, for example, we have organized a summer picnic. The SOAS boasts the rich international environment. Students from all over the world are studying in a number of fields, regarding to various countries.

China: ‘Shanghai International Studies University GJO’- Weekly Japanese corner

Established: April 2015

Every Monday, at lunch, we hold “Japanese corner,” in which we can enjoy a variety of conversations in Japanese. So far, we have taken up a diverse range of topics, such as animation, the Nobel Prize, new inventions and technology, athletic festivals, emojis, poetry, the Year-end Song Festival, buzzwords, etc. We also offered the events exposing to Japanese culture periodically, which include playing Japanese traditional card games (e.g. flower cards) and cooking and eating rice balls.

Korea: ‘Hankuk University of Foreign Studies GJO’- Having fun studying Japanese grammar through card games

Established: October 2015

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) GJO has actively supported students to learn Japanese-language. Even after the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, many HUFS students visit the GJO to enthusiastically discuss how to study Japanese. For example, we incorporate a card game into our learning, to master Japanese verb conjugation in a fun way.

Egypt: ‘Cairo University GJO’- Introduction of TUFS by TUFS Exchange Students studying at Cairo University

Established: February 2015

We introduced TUFS at the Japan Festival held at Cairo University in December 2016. TUFS exchange students studying at Cairo University have made efforts for the success of the event. We could promote Japan and TUFS to both Japanese learners and even non-learner!

Spain: ‘University of Salamanca GJO’- Japanese Cultural outreach

Established: December 2015

At the University of Salamanca GJO, dissemination of Japanese culture has been actively conducted in collaboration with Centre for Spanish-Japanese of the University of Salamanca. In November we have organized cultural exchange events, introducing calligraphy, origami and manga to students studying Japanese-language and interested in Japan. TUFS students and Japanese-language instructors have guided calligraphy and origami activities.

Mexico: ‘University of Guanajuato GJO’- Student Exchange in the Conversation Classes

Established: February 2016

TUFS exchange students and students from the University of Guanajuato can learn language and culture from each other in the conversation classes. It offers a great opportunity to make friends. The friendship seems to long-continue after TUFS students’ returning home, and motivate students from both universities to study in Japan or to return to study in Guanajuato again.

Serbia: ‘University of Belgrade GJO’- Supporting club activities to learn about and experience Japan

Established: March 2016

The GJO Coordinators has heartily supported the club activities to learn about Japan and experience Japanese culture and life at the University of Belgrade GJO. The club activities such as ‘Calligraphy’ (supported by Japanese embassy), ‘Pera-Pera Japanese café’ (exchanging with Japanese students), and ‘Reading in Japanese’ has already launched. All the activities are very popular among the students.

Brazil: ‘Rio de Janeiro State University GJO’- Supporting the TUFS Rio Olympics and Paralympics Study Tour!

Established: March 2016

In the summer of 2016, 24 TUFS students participated in the Rio Olympics and Paralympics as volunteer interpreter by study tour. Our GJO Rio Coordinator, Mr. Leonardo, gave his full support to them. After successfully completing the duties, they were able to return home.

Turkmenistan: ‘International University for the Humanities and Development GJO’- Dispatching a Japanese Lecturer

Established: September 2016

The International University of Humanities and Development is a new university established in 2014 by presidential decree. It started offering Japanese-language education in September 2016, as a second foreign language option for the students majoring in international relations. With the launch, TUFS a sent Japanese lecturer to the university and established the GJO. The Japanese lecturer from TUFS has been industriously promoting Japan through Japanese-language lessons and club activities in addition to the regular classes!

More Information about Global Japan Office

Reports on the activities of GJO will be updated regularly on the TUFS Top Global University Project website. Thank you for your support!

TUFS Top Global University website (https://tufs-sgu.com)

For those who want to know more about GJO, please contact us via the following:

GJO general information : TUFS Office for International Affairs
TEL 042-330-5534
kokusai-kyoten[at]tufs.ac.jp (please replace [at] with @)

Request for media coverage : TUFS PR Office
TEL 042-330-5151
koho[at]tufs.ac.jp (please replace [at] with @)