2014 Activity Report

2014 Shanghai University of Foreign Studies internship announcement


Prior to the establishment of the Global Japan Office at Shanghai University of Foreign Studies, five students majoring in Japanese education held an internship at Shanghai University – Japanese Culture and Economics Institute. Here is the summary.

Shanghai University of Foreign Studies Internship Scene


1. Training Objective:

In the field of Japanese language education in higher education institutes overseas, we endeavor to conduct classes that make the most of the knowledge they have already learned, and to learn the mental attitude and technique of a Japanese language teacher. Then we will use this as a guideline for the future.

2. Training Location:

Shanghai University of Foreign Studies, Japanese Culture and Economics Institute

3. Training Duration:

(Monday) 9/03/2015 ~ (Friday) 20/03/2015

4. Instructors:

Japanese Education Specialization Course 3rd year~Shimada Riko
Japanese Education Specialization Course 3rd year~Nakanishi Shana
Japanese Education Specialization Course 3rd year~Wakamatsu Koeda
Japanese Education Specialization Course 3th year~Masaki Miyu
Graduate School, Japanese education specialization course 4th year~Suzuki Yuuki

5. Training Summary:

Japanese Culture and Economics Institute

Through the Japanese language our objective is to nurture talented people in areas such as language, Japanese literature, society, culture, economics, diplomacy and education. Every year group is divided into 6 classes and 3 areas (Japanese language literature (group 1, group 2, and group 3)), Japanese-English double language majors (group 4), Japanese economics and trade (group 5 and group 6). Among these groups, group 3 of every school year will be composed only of students who have studied Japanese from Junior High School and student numbers will be kept to a minimum. All courses will start in September.

Training System and Supervised Classes

For the first week I supervised from Tuesday to Friday, then on the second week from Monday to Friday.
Due to the fact that there were only 5 trainees, Masaki was the only person who supervised class 2.
Fundamentally I supervised the second-year students (group 6 was combined with first-year group 7).


After entering the School, the majority of students studied Japanese for 1 and a half years. Their level is upper-intermediate. However, there are also exchange students taking the lessons and there is a difference between ability among the students.

Classes I supervised

Intensive Reading (reading comprehension, grammar)

Teaching materials

”Integrated Japanese Curriculum 4th volume” Chapter 2~sunset. Chapter 3~what kind of cooking program.

Class Visiting Hours

You can observe groups 1~6 for 2 hours on the first day (09/03).

Amount of Training Time

90 minutes x 9 days