National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia)


119017 Москва, улица Малая Ордынка, дом 17/1, кабинет 317.
Moscow 119017 Russia 17 Malaya Ordynka Str. Building 1, Office317


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22-11-2017 (Web.)


The National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia) (hereon referred to as HSE) is a university, with a main campus in Moscow that has rapidly developed over the last 20 years. With its modest beginnings as an economics academy in 1992, HSE grew into a university, and in 2009 was acknowledged as a national research university by the Russian government. With faculties such as the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, the Faculty of Business and Management, and the Faculty of Social Sciences, HSE conducts study centered in the field of social sciences. HSE placed within the QS Ranking’s top 100 universities (2017) in Economics and Social Sciences (making it the highest ranked in Russia), and seems to only be rising in reputation.

In February 2017, when HSE’s Professor Yulia Korovina visited TUFS, it was confirmed that both universities were interested in establishing academic and student exchange relations, and in May that same year, an Academic Exchange Agreement was signed. At the same time, it was agreed that the 15th Global Japan Office would be established at HSE, which was then opened on the 22nd of November 2017. The TUFS Global Japan Office at HSE intends to act as an internship location as part of the Inter-University Exchange Project (Russia), which TUFS has been a part of since August this year.

By cooperating with HSE, TUFS intends to help support the spread of Japanese language and culture through the Global Japan Office, and promote internship opportunities to TUFS students and students from our six partner universities in Russia.

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