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Literature Department, University of Yangon (University Avenue Road, Kamayut Township, Yangon, MYANMAR)


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12-20-2014 (Sat.)


01-30-2015 (Fri.)


The office is in the building of the Literature Department of University of Yangon and TUFS emeritus professor Okudaira organizes it as special professor at University of Yangon. TUFS plans to dispatch Japanese language instructors to support exchange students from Japan, and Yangon University students who want to study in Japan, and to offer Japanese language classes and extra lectures to introduce Japanese culture. The office is also expected to be a key institute helping to establish an educational network in Myanmar.

Activity Report

Opening Ceremony

  • News Release
  • Date:30-01-2015(Fri.)10:30-
  • Venue:Large Hall, 1F Taungu Building, University of Yangon
    (University Avenue Road, Kamayut Township, Yangon, MYANMAR)
  • Program:
    1. Opening address
    2. Message
      ・Ministry of Education, Myanmar
      ・Japanese Ambassador to Myanmar
    3. Lecture
      ・Rector of YU
      ・President of TUFS
    4. Tape cut
Dr.Aung Myint Oo (Dean of the Department of Myanmar)
and TUFS president Tateishi in front of Global Japan Office
TUFS president Tateishi at the opening ceremony
Yangon University ractor Aung Thu
TUFS vice president Hayashi(left)
Emeritus professor Okudaira(middle)
TUFS president Tateishi(rignt)
The opening ceremony carried out by students
Japanese minister-counseller Maruyama
Dr. Yee Yee Maw (Deputy Director General of
the Higher Education Department, Lower Myanmar)
Emeritus professor Okudaira conducting a lecture