The Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA) Collection

The collection of Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA) has been available for use in the University Library and the ILCAA Library since April 2002.


Books are arranged on the 1F of the TUFS Library.

  • Books related to Bahaism(バハーイ教関係図書)
  • the C. Banerjee Collection (CBC)
  • Burmese books(ビルマ語図書)
  • Yamamoto-bunko(山本文庫)
  • Kobayashi-bunko(小林文庫)
  • the Oh-bunko(王文庫)
  • Maejima-bunko(前嶋文庫)
  • Asai-bunko(浅井文庫)-see The Collection of Asai-Bunko
  • minutes of sessions of the Turkish Grand National Assembly(トルコ大国民議会議事録)
  • Census of India

Magazines, Newspapers, Rare Books, some Reference Books, Large Books, Microfilms, and other materials

These materials are available in the ILCAA Library on the first floor of the ILCAA Building.
ILCAA Library open 9:30-17:00 on weekdays.

  • All staff and students of the University must present their Campus Card to enter the building.
  • All other visitors will be admitted on the day of the visit upon presentation of proof of identity and completion of a prescribed form.
  • Please contact the following address in advance for information on using materials in closed stacks like rare books.
    Library’s Ukeire Section (Email : tosho-ukeire[at] / TEL : 042-330-5597)
  • 敦煌寶蔵
  • 明清档案
  • the complete corpus of Buddhist scriptures in Xizang(西蔵大蔵経)
  • the complete corpus of Buddhist scriptures newly compiled in the Taisho period(大正新修大蔵経)
  • Sata-pitaka, the Congo Collection(コンゴ・コレクション)
  • official gazettes of the Republic of Turkey(トルコ共和国官報)
  • a collection of textbooks(教科書コレクション)
  • India-related pamphlets(インド関係のパンフレット)
  • a collection of Bibles(聖書コレクション)
  • a collection of Middle and Near East histories(中近東歴史コレクション)
  • a collection of accounts of expeditions to Africa(アフリカ探検記コレクション)
  • Otsuka-bunko, Closed(大塚文庫, 閉架)

The Collection of Asai-Bunko

Due to the need to organize and preserve materials, the University’s collection of Asai-Bunko is located in the following two locations

ILCAA Library (Rare Books Room)

Please contact in advance for browsing and using materials.
※Some of the research notes are available for viewing at the ILCAA Library terminal.

  • For more information or to use the materials, please contact:
    Library’s Ukeire Section (Email : tosho-ukeire[at] / TEL : 042-330-5597)

TUFS Library (1F Reading Room)

You can use the original of materials in the Asai-bunko.

How to Search

Online catalogue

Books can be searched using the Online Catalogue (OPAC).
If the OPAC shows the location as ”AA-Ken Collections”, please visit the 1F Reading Room of TUFS Library. Else if the location is “AA-Ken Archives”, please visit the ILCAA Library located on 1F of the ILCAA Building.

However, there are some books that have not yet been entered in the online catalogue, so for a comprehensive search, please search the card catalogue as well.

For Reference : Areal Classified TableClassified Table by Subject

Card Catalogue

Card catalogues of ILCAA Collection are available in the Stack Room Level 1 and in ILCAA Library on 1F of the ILCAA building.