Borrowing Books

Service Hours

Until 15 minutes before closing time.


Borrowing rights

CategoryVolumesLoan Period
Undergraduate students
Undergraduate research students
102 weeks
Students writing graduation thesis*1201 month
Graduate students
Graduate research students
201 month
Japanese Language Center students102 weeks
Auditor102 weeks
Teaching staff303 month
Researchers303 month
Employees201 month
Professors emeritus303 month

*1 Undergraduate students have to register a graduation thesis class or graduation work class. (Both spring and autumn quarters.)
After registration, your status will be changed automatically.

How to borrow

Please bring the material you wish to borrow and your Campus Card to the counter.
If you forget your Campus Card, you will not be able to borrow books.

Please note that materials with “Reference Room (参考室)” or “Reference Only (禁帯出)” stickers and journals cannot be checked out.
If you wish to use these materials outside the library, please go to the Service Counter and apply for a temporary borrowing.

How to use the books in laboratory

The books which are listed as “Research room” status in online catalogue, are in the laboratory.
If you want to use these books, please contact the contact information on this list.

How to use the books in ILCAA

The collection of Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA) has been available for use in the University Library and the ILCAA Library since April 2002.

For more information, please see this page.