Find and Use Materials Not in TUFS

If you can not find the materials you want in the TUFS library, you can use the materials held by libraries of other universities.

TAC library service -Borrowing/Return service, TLL
Interlibrary Loan -Photocopy&Book Loan Service
To use other universities(A letter of introduction)

TAC Library Service

About TAC

TAC is a consortium of universities in the Tama Area.
The universities that belong to TAC are listed below. (Without TUFS)
・International Christian University
・Kunitachi College of Music
・Musashino Art University
・Tokyo Keizai University
・Tsuda College

①Borrowing/Return service

TUFS students and personnel can register as users and use the materials in the other TAC libraries.
The users can also return the materials at the TUFS service counter.

②TLL(TAC Library Lending) service

TLL Service is a mutual cooperation service, which you can use to borrow the materials belonging to other TAC libraries.
TAC-Bin (TAC delivery service) goes to the TAC libraries and brings back the materials.
You don’t need to pay the postage and other fees.

Click here for more information about TAC library service.

Interlibrary Loan – Photocopy & Book Loan Service

ILL (Inter Library Loan) is a mutual cooperation service, which enables you to photocopy or borrow materials belonging to other institutions.
You can get the materials from other institutions at the TUFS Library Service Counter.


You can photocopy the materials within the limitations of the Copyright Law of Japan. You have to pay the cost of copy and Shipping.

Book Loan

You can get the books from other institutions. You have to pay the shipping fee. You cannot borrow a journal with this service.

Click here for more information about Interlibrary Loan.

Visit Other Libraries (Letters of Introduction)

If the TUFS library does not hold the book you are looking for, you can visit other institutions that do and use it directly.

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