Visiting Other Libraries (Letter of Introduction)

If materials you require are unavailable at the TUFS library, you can apply a letter of introduction to visit other universities’ libraries.
If you would like to visit overseas libraries, please check “Visiting overseas libraries” at the bottom of this page.

How to Visit

  • Step 1.
    Check the website of individual libraries to find out the information for external visitors.
    • Opening hours
    • Access requirements (ID card/letter of introduction)
    • Available services for visitors

    !Some libraries do not require a letter of introduction because of mutual use agreements.
    ★ Refer to: Mutual Cooperation with Specific University and Institution Libraries

  • Step 2.
    Confirm that the materials are available on the library’s OPAC.

    Please confirm the status of materials and access requirements and location, such as “Out on loan / Stacks and rare books / Laboratory materials / Main library / Branch libraries / For journals, please check the desired volume number”.
    !Materials are not always available even if the library holds them.

  • Step 3.
    If the library requires a letter of introduction, apply via MyLibrary.

    You can log in to MyLibrary with an account and password provided from ICC.

    Click “Check” at “Application forms” and select “Letter of introduction application form”.

    Fill out an application form.

  • Step 4.
    Visit the library with a letter of introduction.

    We will inform you when a letter of introduction is issued. You can receive the letter at our counter. Please make sure about the requirement on the document you receive before your visit.
    Do not visit the library without the letter.

An issuance of a letter of introduction

We will confirm that the library holds the materials required by FAX.
A letter of introduction will be issued after their reply so that it is not possible to receive it on the day of application.
It usually takes 2-3 days. As for distant libraries, it is better to apply a week before the desired date.

  • If you have any problem, please visit service desk on weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00.

Important Notes

  • Enter the information correctly so as to identify the material.
    Please provide ISSN/ISBN/NCID correctly to avoid confusing with the material which title is same, different editions, etc.
    NCID is ID beginnings with AA/BB, which can be found in search results.
    If you could not find them, please paste URL of search result on OPAC or enter the call number.
  • Please narrow down your desired date to one if you can.
    The basic rule is to visit the library for a material required on specific date.
    If you have any special requests, please visit service desk on weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00.
  • The contact details should include a daytime phone number.
    If TUFS library needs to contact you urgently about your application, we will contact you by phone.
    If you are unable to answer the phone, please make sure you have set up an answering machine.
    If we are unable to contact you, we may not be able to issue your application on the requested date.


A. You can make 2 applications if you need.
If the material was published in a series of books, please enter the title of the series and the volume number you require.

A. Letters of introduction are required for each reception counters.
Please submit a separate application form for each place you visit.

A. Please contact TUFS Library Service Section (TEL: 042-330-5195/Email: tosho-service[at] between 10:00 and 17:00 on weekdays.
Please include your name, address and the date of your visit.

A. Please contact TUFS Library Service Section (TEL: 042-330-5195/Email: tosho-service[at] between 10:00 and 17:00 on weekdays.
Some libraries put the book on hold for you.
If you are unable to visit the library, please contact the TUFS Library (NOT the visiting library).

Visiting overseas libraries

A letter of introduction in English is also available.
Confirm the notes below before your application.

  • We will not inquire about overseas libraries. You need to inquire by yourself about your visit.
    Please make sure of the availability of materials and access requirements.
  • A letter of introduction will include the information below. The name of the library you would like to visit, the address of them, your name, affiliation, department, and major.
    If other information is needed, please let us know.
  • It takes longer to issue letters for the overseas library than for the internal library.
    Please apply at least 1 week before your desired submission date.
  • Please apply via MyLibrary same as an application for internal library.