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 ・Unauthorized duplications, delivery are prohibited.


Free Academia.edu

Academia is a platform for sharing academic research. Academics have uploaded 22 million papers, and 31 million academics, professionals, and students read papers on Academia every month.

Free Academic Libraries on the Web

This is a listing of English version web site maintained by research or academic libraries in Japan (includes some library associations).


Collection and classification of databases that are considered useful for research purposes according to the Nippon Decimal Classification.

on campus African Research Online

This database offers both the Africa Yearbook Online and African Studies Companion Online databases.
Both cross-search and individual searches are supported.


Institutional repository of IDE-JETRO

on campus America’s Historical Imprints, Series I: Evans, 1639-1800

Early American Imprints, Series I: Evans, 1639-1800, has been hailed as the definitive resource for teaching and researching nearly every aspect of 17th- and 18th-century America.
This incomparable digital collection contains virtually every book, pamphlet and broadside published in America over a 160-year period.
Providing complete digital editions of nearly 38,000 printed works, Series I covers subjects ranging from history, literature and culture to politics, government and society.

Free Aozora Bunko

Aozora Bunko offers free access to works whose copyright has expired and which have been declared “free to read”.

on campus Archives Unbound

European Colonialism in the Early 20th Century Series

French Colonialism in Africa: From Algeria to Madagascar, 1910-1930

This collection comprises correspondence, studies and reports, cables, maps, and other kinds of documents related to U.S. consular activities.
U.S. Consulates were listening posts reporting on the activities of the French colonial government and the activities of the native peoples. Highlights include the beginning of an anti-colonial movement and problems along the Moroccan-Algerian border.

German Colonies to League of Nations Mandates in Africa, 1910-1929

This collection comprises correspondence, studies and reports, cables, maps, and other kinds of documents related to U.S. consular activities.
U.S. Consulates were listening posts reporting on the activities of the German colonial governments and later the mandate authorities, and the activities of the native peoples.

Political and Economic Consolidation of Portuguese Colonies in Africa, 1910-1929

This collection comprises correspondence, studies and reports, cables, maps, and other kinds of documents related to U.S. consular activities.
U.S. Consulates were listening posts reporting on the activities of the Portuguese colonial government and the activities of the native peoples.
Highlights include the beginning of an anti-colonial movement and the industrialization and economic exploitation of Portugal’s African colonies.

Italian Colonies in North Africa and Aggression in East Africa, 1930-1939

This collection comprises correspondence, studies and reports, cables, maps, and other kinds of documents related to U.S. consular activities. U.S. Consulates were listening posts reporting on the activities of the Italian colonial governments and later the mandate authorities, and the activities of the native peoples.

Evangelism in Africa: Correspondence of the Board of Foreign Mission, 1835-1910

The records of the Board of Foreign Missions (BFM) of the Presbyterian Church provide valuable information on social conditions in developing nations and on efforts to spread the gospel during the nineteenth century.
Among the missions’ responsibilities was the establishment of indigenous churches, educational facilities, hospitals, orphanages, and seminaries.
The majority of the material in this collection consists of incoming correspondence from the mission field and outgoing correspondence from the Board headquarters. Other primary sources include diary accounts, sermon manuscripts, receipts of sale, and field accounts.

Global Missions and Theology

This collection documents the broad range of Nineteenth Century religious missionary activities, practices and thought in the United States by reproducing pivotal personal narratives, organizational records, and biographies of the essential leaders, simple missionaries, and churches.
This collection includes materials on missionary activities among Native Americans and African Americans, both slaves and freedmen. In addition, it highlights activities in far-flung regions and countries, such as Africa, Fiji and Sandwich Islands, India, China, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Hawaii.

India from Crown Rule to Republic, 1945-1949: Records of the U.S. State Department

This collection of U.S. State Department Central Classified Files relating to the internal affairs of India and U.S. relations with India, contain a wide range of materials, including:
・special reports on political and military affairs
・studies and statistics on socioeconomic matters
・interviews and minutes of meetings with foreign government officials
・full texts of important letters, instructions, and cables sent and received by U.S. diplomatic personnel
・voluminous reports and translations from foreign journals and newspapers
・countless translations of high-level foreign government documents, including speeches, memoranda, official reports, and transcripts of political meetings and assemblies

Iran (Persia): Records of the U.S. Department of State, 1883-1959

The documents in this collection on Iran are sourced from the Central Files of the General Records of the Department of State. The records are under the jurisdiction of the Legislative and Diplomatic Branch of the Civil Archives, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.

The Hindu Conspiracy Cases: Activities of the Indian Independence Movement in the U.S., 1908-1933

This collection contains following two documents:
・The Justice Department and U.S. Attorney records primarily concern the U.S. government’s prosecution of these nationalists in the “Hindu Conspiracy Case” for violations of the Espionage Act (40 Stat. 217-231) arising from two major incidents.
・The Immigration and Naturalization Service records related to efforts to revoke the citizenship of certain Indians naturalized as U.S. citizens, as well as to general efforts to exclude Indians from admission to the United States and Canada.

Free Ariadne

A collection of links to sites in different academic fields.

on campus Asahi Shimbun Cross-Search

The maximum number of concurrent users: 1

Available Contents
・Asahi Shimbun 1985〜 Shukan Asahi AERA
・Asahi Shimbun Reduced-size Facsimile Edition 1945〜1999
・Chiezo Keyword Database

※Other contents are not covered by the contract.
※In the case of some articles written by external authors, it is unable to display the full text due to copyright restrictions, but you can search up to the headings.
※Please click on the “How to use” button at the top right of the screen for instructions.
※The number of simultaneous connections is limited to one person. When you have finished using the site, please log out as soon as possible so that other users can use the site.
※If you do not have a session for more than 10 minutes, you will be automatically logged out.


on campus Base textuelle FRANTEXT

Base textuelle FRANTEXT is a book search database (in French only) of the French National Center for Scientific Research (NCSR).
It mainly contains old books on literature and philosophy (but also on science and technology) during 1189-2009. A dictionary of medieval French is also available on the site.

・Use as a literature search
Enter “Frantext Intégral” on the left-hand side of the menu and you will be automatically logged in on campus.
Use the “Définir un corpus de travail” (definition of the corpus of works) to search for references.
You can select some works and catalogue them as data in the “Exporter le coupus de travail”.
If you choose “Sélectionner les textes” instead of “Définir un corpus de travail”, you can search in the text.

・Use of the Dictionary of Old French (Medieval French)
On the left-hand side of the menu, under “Frantext Moyen Français”, you will find the DMF (Dictionnary du Moyen Français 2010), where you can search for Old French in dictionaries, lexicons, proverbs, etc.

Free Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervante

An electronic library (mainly in Spanish) offering electronic versions of out-of-copyright texts, such as Cervantes.

Free The British Library

Online Catalogue of the British Library.

on campus British Online Archives

Apartheid Through the Eyes of South African Political Parties, 1948-1994

Apartheid was a system of white minority rule that prevailed in South Africa for much of the 20th century.
This collection contains various materials published by political parties on both sides of the racial and ideological divide.
The bulk of the documents are drawn from the archives of the main opposition movement, the African National Congress (ANC).
The main party of government, the National Party, is also well represented, as are several minor parties and independent candidates.

Colonial Africa in Official Statistics, 1821-1953

This collection contains Blue Books and other archival material from 13 British colonies and protectorates in Africa compiled during the period 1821-1953.
The standardised nature of the Blue Books enables comparisons to be drawn geographically (between colonies) and over time on issues from the slave trade and colonial economic practice to education and public health. 

on campus Brockelmann in English online

This online publication is the English translation of Brockelmann’s famous Geschichte der Arabischen Litteratur (GAL).
Brockelmann’s work offers bio-bibliographic information about works written in Arabic and their authors, with an emphasis on the classical period.
It is divided in chronologically organized sections, which are subdivided by literary genre.
Individual entries typically consist of a biographical section and a list of the author’s works in manuscript and print, with references to secondary literature.
Unlike the German original, the English translation spells out all the authors’ names, which makes the translation much easier to consult. Minor errors in converted dates have also been corrected.


Free China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database (CAJ)

CAJ contains more than 13 million articles from important journals published in China since 1994.

Copying target:
Articles published in journals published after 1994 that can be searched in “中国期刊全文数据庫”.
Journals included:
About 6,000 important journals published in China.
Fields covered:
Mathematical Sciences, Chemical Engineering and Energy, Industrial Technology, Agriculture, Medicine and Hygiene, Literature, History and Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law, Education and General Social Sciences, Electronics and Information Science.
How to apply:
Fill in the photocopy application form and submit it at the counter on the 2nd floor (please indicate that you are applying for CAJ).
For more details, please refer to “CNKI 中国学術雑誌全文データベース(CAJ)の使い方

Free カーリル

You can cross-search the collections of public libraries in Japan.

on campus / 学認 Cambridge Core (Books)  360Link

We offer eBooks from the Humanities Top 100 collection and the English Teaching collection of Cambridge Books Online. There is no limit to the number of simultaneous accesses.      
You can also view the table of contents and index of the books not in contract, but you will not be able to view the full text if you are asked to log in.

on campus / 学認 Cambridge Core(Journals) 360Link

We offer a selection of Cambridge University Press e-books listed in the title list.
The User Guide can be found by selecting the desired menu item from the [Help] menu button.

on campus China and the Modern World

China and the Modern World is a series of digital archive collections sourced from preeminent libraries and archives across the world, including the Second Historical Archives of China and the British Library.
The series covers a period of about 180 years (1800s to 1980s) when China experienced radical and often traumatic transformations from an inward-looking imperial dynasty into a globally engaged republic.

Free CiNii Research 360Link

You can cross-search the Japanese articles.

Free CiNii Books 360Link

You can cross-search the collection held by other universities’ libraries.

Free CiNii Dissertations 360Link

You can cross-search the Japanese doctoral theses.

on campus Confidential Print

The Confidential Print series, issued by the British Government between c. 1820 and 1970, is a fundamental building block for political, social and economic research.
Middle East, 1839-1969 Contents
Africa, 1834-1966 Contents
The series originated out of a need to preserve the most important papers generated by the Foreign and Colonial Offices.
These range from single-page letters or telegrams to comprehensive dispatches, investigative reports and texts of treaties.
All items marked ‘Confidential Print’ were printed and circulated immediately to leading officials in the Foreign Office, to the Cabinet and to heads of British missions abroad.

on campus Collaborative Reference Database

It offers the online journal of the Journal of Colonialism & Colonial History.
This title is online only, no print publication.
*There is no PDF version; only an HTML version is available.
You can also view summaries of other titles via the platform [MUSE].

Free Journal of Colonialism & Colonial History

The Collaborative Reference Database is a database for research being constructed by the National Diet Library in cooperation with libraries throughout Japan.


on campus DBpia

DBpia is the comprehensive database of academic journals in Korea provided by(주)누리미디어.
Access to the table of contents and abstract is free, but the full text can only be viewed from the university network.
Journals included: About 2,000 titles (more than 1.85 million articles) of major journals published by more than 1,300 academic societies, research institutions and publishers in Korea. Title List

on campus Der literarische Expressionismus Online

This database makes the articles of 151 journals from the period of Expressionism accessible in full text.
There are around 40,000 articles by over 5,000 different authors. In total, the database contains over 79,000 digitized pages.

on campus De Gruyter 360Link

The online version of Gruyter offers about 70 eBook titles, including the Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics.
if you see a message asking you to subscribe, you can still view the abstracts, but you will not be able to view the full text.


on campus East India Company : India Office Records from the British Library, 1599-1947

East India Company offers access to a unique collection of India Office Records from the British Library, London. Containing royal charters, correspondence, trading diaries, minutes of council meetings and reports of expeditions, among other document types, this resource charts the history of British trade and rule in the Indian subcontinent and beyond from 1599 to 1947.
Contracted modules
Module II: India Office Records, G: Factory Records for South Asia and South East Asia, 1595 – 1830
Module III: India Office Records, G: Factory Records for China, Japan and the Middle East, 1596 – 1870
Module IV: India Office Records, E: Correspondence: Early Voyages, Formation and Conflict
Module V: India Office Records, E: Correspondence: Domestic Life, Governance and Territorial Expansion

Free e-Book Title List

Title List of e-Books available in TUFS campus network. (List is free access.)

on campus / 学認 Ebscohost eBook Collection 360Link

Ebscohost eBook Collection provides 21 Japanese reference eBook titles and 206 English readers for multiple reading.
The number of simultaneous accesses to each title is limited to 1 to 3, so please exit the page as soon as you finish using it.
To see the list of titles available for subscription, click “View All” next to “Highlights” in the top page.
Online Training Sessions are held regularly. Click here for the schedule

on campus Encyclopaedia of Islam Online

The Encyclopaedia of Islam is known as a monumental publication that compiled the world’s Islamic studies in the second half of the 20th century, and as an indispensable reference work for contemporary Islamic studies.
It covers not only Islam as a religion, but also politics, history, geography, literature, science, and culture in the regions that received Islam.
The online edition includes all volumes of the 2nd and English editions, as well as the currently published 3rd edition.
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


ERIC is an online library of education research and information, sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education.

Free e-Stat

e-Stat is a portal site for Japanese Government Statistics.

on campus Europe and the Ottoman World: Diplomacy and International Relations

A diplomatic collection about Turkey in the Arcadian Library.
It contains images of books, incunabula, pamphlets, letters, etc. from 1475 to 1877.

Free Europeana

Europeana provides cultural heritage enthusiasts, professionals, teachers, and researchers with digital access to European cultural heritage material.


Free Fuchu City Library

Students, staff and faculty of the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies can make a library card and borrow books.

on campus Foreign Office Files for the Middle East, 1971-1981

A database of materials on the situation in the Middle East from 1971 to 1981 by the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Section I: 1971-1974:The 1973 Arab-Israeli War and the Oil Crisis
Section II: 1975-1978:The Lebanese Civil War and the Camp David Accords
Section III: 1979-1981:The Iranian Revolution and the Iran-Iraq War


on campus / 学認 Gale eBooks 360Link

Gale eBooks is a collection of reference books available to read online, offering eBooks in 17 subject areas (approximately 970 titles).
Full text search is also available to make your search easier.
You can search and browse multiple eBooks at once.
The list of subscription titles can be found in the top right hand corner of the top page you access, under ‘Title List’.

Free Google Books

A search engine for books provided by Google.
If the copyright has expired or the publisher has given permission to Google, you can see a preview.
You can also read the full text of some books.

Free Google Scholar

Google’s search engine for academic papers.
You can search for papers and articles in any field and from any publisher.
Some articles can be read in full.


on campus / 学認 House of Commons Parliamentary Papers -18th Century HCPP-

It is available to view and download first-class primary sources, including images, for the study of the history, society, politics, economics and foreign policy of Britain, its colonies and other countries in the post-modern era.
Please click on “18c HCPP (House of Commons Parliamentary Papers)” to search and browse.
This database offers approximately 1 million pages of documents covering the period known as the “long” 18th century (from the Revolution of Honour in 1688 to the burning of the Palace of Westminster in 1834).
The main documents are as follows.

・Harper Collection of Private Bills 1695-1814
・Private Acts 1815-1834
・Private Acts 1702-1727 and Private Bills 1727-1814
・Local and Personal Acts 1797-1834
・Reports from the Committees of the House of Commons 1715-1801
・House of Commons Sessional Papers of the Eighteenth Century 1715-1800
・House of Lords Sessional Papers 1714-1805
・The History and Proceedings of the House of Commons 1660-1743
・The History and Proceedings of the House of Lords 1660-1742
・Parliamentary Register 1774-1780
・Parliamentary Register 1780-1796
・Parliamentary Register 1796-1802
・Parliamentary Register 1802-1805
・Journals of the House of Lords 1688-1834
・Journals of the House of Commons 1688-1834
・General Index to the Journals of the House of Commons 1660-1837
・General Index to the Journals of the House of Lords 1660-1854
※It is available to search and browse simultaneously the following database “House of Commons Parliamentary Papers -19th & 20th Century HCPP-“

on campus / 学認 House of Commons Parliamentary Papers -19th & 20th Century HCPP-

It is available to view and download first-class primary sources, including images, for the study of the history, society, politics, economics and foreign policy of Britain, its colonies and other countries in the post-modern era.
Please click on “19th & 20th Century HCPP(House of Commons Parliamentary Papers)“ to search and browse.
This database offers approximately 1 million pages of documents covering from 1801 to 2004).
The main documents are as follows.
・Reports of Royal Commissions
・Reports of Select Sommittee
・Command Papers
※Hansard (Debates), The House of Commons Journal, Agenda and Order of Business, Votes and Proceedings are not covered by the contract.
※It is available to search and browse simultaneously the database above “House of Commons Parliamentary Papers -18th Century HCPP-“
※In addition to the HCPP, we hold a CD-ROM version of “Index of British Parliamentary Paper“.


Free IDE-JETRO Finding Materials

It is available to search the IDE-JETRO Library’s collection of books, journals, statistical materials, newspapers, CD-ROMs and videos.

Free Indiana University Digital Library Program

Digital Library Project at Indiana University.

on campus India, Raj and Empire

Explore the history of South Asia between the foundation of the East India Company in 1615 and the granting of independence to India and Pakistan in 1947, through the wonderfully rich and diverse manuscript collections of the National Library of Scotland.

on campus Ingenta Connect

We provide online journals from the Ingenta Connect.
Click [Advanced Search] to go to the Advanced Search page.
Click [Browse by Publications] to jump to the search page by journal title.
You can also search by Publisher or Subject.
You can browse full-text, mainly for titles for which the library have a print subscription.
Searching and browsing bibliographic information is free and open to the public, so it can be used from outside the university.

Free Institutional Repository Database (IRDB)

This is a database service that collects and provides metadata of the contents registered in academic repositories in Japan.


Free Japan Center for Asian Historical Records

Japan Center for Asian Historical Records (JACAR) is a digital archive of Asian historical records.
JACAR has built and operates an online database for releasing Asian historical records, that are historical documents of Japan concerning to the modern Japanese relations with other countries, particularly those in Asia. The documents of the archive are provided by the National Archives of Japan, the Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and the National Institute for Defense Studies of the Ministry of Defense of Japan.

on campus / 学認 JapanKnowledge Lib

★The maximum number of concurrent users: 1

JapanKnowledge Lib is an online web archive that boasts the largest corpus of encyclopedia, dictionaries, reference compilations, and periodical resources (approximately 50 different sources) in Japan. Contents
The basic search system that facilitates cross-referencing throughout all the sources in the collection is quite simple to use, but at the same time includes an original faceted navigation function for users to focus their particular searches in specific reference sources.
This allows for greater detailed indexing.

How to access
Click the database title above.
Click on the “Login” button at the top right of the screen
Movie instruction is here
※The number of simultaneous connections is limited to one person. When you have finished using the site, please log out as soon as possible so that other users can use the site.
※If you do not have a session for more than 30 minutes, you will be automatically logged out.
※The recommended browser environment is the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge (latest version).

Free Japan Search

Japan Search is a national platform for aggregating metadata of digital resources of various fields, such as books Book/Publication, Official Document, Humanities and Art.


J-STAGE is an electronic journal platform for science and technology information including humanities and social sciences in Japan, developed and managed by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).
Searching and browsing is free and open to the public, so it can be used from outside the university.

on campus JSTOR 360Link

This is a full-text search and browsing service for about 300 titles of academic journals, mainly in the fields of humanities and social sciences, provided by JSTOR.
JSTOR is a non-profit organization in the United States that aims to improve the distribution of academic information.

Subscribed Collections:
Arts & Sciences II
Arts & Sciences VI
Language & Literature Collection


Free Library Directory (Links to Libraries)

A collection of links to libraries in Japan Library Association.

Free Library of Congress Home Page

Search the collections of Library of Congress.


on campus Maruzen eBook Library

The Maruzen eBook Library offers approximately 520 Japanese eBook titles in 5 fields.
The maximum number of concurrent accesses for each title is 1 [with some exceptions], so please click the “End Browsing” button when you are finished.
The list of titles available for subscription can be viewed from the “Subscription List” in the upper right corner of the top screen you accessed.
Click here for the User’s Manual and Precautions
From January 30, 2023, the following changes will apply to downloading PDF files of each content.
A “Terms of Use” page will be inserted on the first page of the PDF file.
Password control will be applied to PDF files.
The email address of the user who downloaded the file will be displayed in the footer of each page.
For details, please click here.

on campus Muteferriqa (trial access until 30 April 2024)

Muteferriqa offers versatile discovery opportunities including full text search in nearly 35,000 printed books and 1,470 titles of periodicals in Ottoman Turkish.


Free NDL Online

Search the collections of National Diet Library.

Free NDL Research Navi

NDL Research Navi provides tips for searching, useful materials, user guides for the Special Materials Rooms, recommendations of databases and websites to support learning about Japan and Asia.

Free NDL Search

Search public libraries, archives, museums and research institutes in one place.

on campus Nineteenth Century Collections Online

Archive 5: Europe and Africa: Commerce, Christianity, Civilization, and Conquest

Nineteenth Century Collections Online is a multi-year global digitization and publishing program focusing on primary source collections of the long nineteenth century.
Europe and Africa, Colonialism and Culture covers exploration, military and missionary activities, and economic and political imperialism in the nineteenth century.
Documents are sourced from The National Archives, Kew; the U.S. National Archives; the Library of Congress; the National Library of Scotland; and Bodleian Library, University of Oxford.


NII-REO provides stable and continuous supply of academic contents such as electronic journals to educational and research institutions such as universities in Japan.

Free NNA

NNA is a Japanese news agency providing corporate clients with Asian economic and industrial news since establishing in Hong Kong in 1989.


on campus OED : Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is widely regarded as the accepted authority on the English language.
It is an unsurpassed guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of 600,000 words— past and present—from across the English-speaking world.
This service can be used from any terminal connected to the university LAN. (Unlimited simultaneous access)
Items not included in the printed version are added periodically.    
Please click “help” at the top of the screen after logging in to see how to use it.

in Library The Official Gazette Information Search Service

★The maximum number of concurrent users: 1

The Official Gazette (regular editions, extra editions, government procurement pronouncements, materials and indexes) from the May 3, 1947 can be searched and viewed in full text.
Please select “Date Search”(日付検索). Basic search by date is available.
“Article Search”(記事検索) is not available since it is not covered by the contract.
Please ask the staff at the Service Counter on the 2nd floor to log in. (9:00-17:00, on weekdays)

on campus Oxford Academic Books 360Link

Oxford Academic is an collection of handbooks across a variety of disciplines published by Oxford University Press.
You can browse those with an Availability of Unlocked or Free.

on campus Oxford Academic Journals 360Link

You can browse the journals included in “Oxford Journals Online Full Collection 2006-2015”
“Oxford Journals Online Archive Full Collection” (137 titles, first issue-1995) is available from NII-REO.

on campus Oxford Handbooks Online 360Link

Oxford Handbooks Online is an outstanding collection of the best Handbooks areas across many different subject areas. One of the most prestigious and successful strands of Oxford’s scholarly publishing, the Handbook series contains in-depth, high-level articles by scholars at the top of their field.

on campus Oxford Reference Online 360Link

Oxford Reference is the premier online reference product, spanning 25 different subject areas, bringing together 2 million digitized entries across Oxford University Press’s Dictionaries, Companions and Encyclopedias.
Title list is here.


on campus Press Reader

More than 6,000 newspapers and magazines published in about 100 countries (Europe, America, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East) are available in their original, on-time format.

Free Prometheus-Academic Collections

Prometheus Academic Collections is the system to store and disseminate the research & educational achievements of the TUFS community.
The collections include the bulletin papers, dissertations, research papers, and historical archives.

on campus / 学認 ProQuest 360Link

ProQuest Academic Research Library, an online journal platform for the humanities, is available.
ProQuest also offers searches of newspapers (New York Times, USA TODAY).
In addition to Basic Search, you can select Advanced Search, Topic Guide, and Publication Search.
Click on “Help” in the upper right corner of the screen to display the help screen corresponding to each current screen.
For more information on using ProQuest, please refer the ProQuest User Guide (English).

on campus / 学認 ProQuest Ebook Central 360Link

This is an eBook platform provided by ProQuest. Available titles can be found under “Featured Titles” at the bottom center of the top screen you access.
You can browse the full text in your browser, or download chapters (PDF format) or full text files (Adobe Digital Editions format, application for GakuNin required).
If a title has a limit on the number of simultaneous accesses, please take care so that other users can also access the title.


Free ResearchGate

ResearchGate is the professional network for scientists and researchers. Over 20 million members from all over the world use it to share, discover, and discuss research. 

on campus Research Source Series

Area Studies: India

A vital resource for the study of the British Indian Empire and the history, culture and literature of the Indian subcontinent from 1712 to 1942.
Highlights include:
・The official and personal papers of Lord Curzon, Viceroy of India, 1898-1905, from the India Office Records at the British Library
・Rare printed works of colonial literature from India and volumes of travel writing from Indians travelling to the West, 1712-1933
・Printed weekly abstracts compiled by the India Office, summarising both English- and Indian-language newspapers from British India


in Library Sanseido Dual Dictionary

★The maximum number of concurrent users: 1

The following contents are available in the Sanseido Dual Dictionary.
・Wisdom English-Japanese Dictionary, 2nd Edition
・Daijirin 3rd edition

How to Access
1. access the Sansendo Dual Dictionary
2. A separate window will open. Please read the notes and click the [Connect] button.

Please note that only wired LAN is available.

The number of simultaneous connections is limited to one person.
When you finish using the library, please log out as soon as possible so that other users can use the library.

You can also use the library resources.
Wisdom English-Japanese Dictionary / edited by Nagayuki Inoue and Ichiro Akano
 Location: 2F Reading Room Request code: K/a3/609977 Book ID: 0000609977
Daijirin / edited by Akira Matsumura
 Location: 2F Reading Room Request Code: A/a3/609976 Book ID: 0000609976

on campus / 学認 Science Direct 360Link

Science Direct is the online journal platform, which features journals in the natural sciences (including journals in the social sciences) published by Elsevier.
A package of over 707 titles in four subject collections is available for national university consortium.
To see which titles are available, click on the [Journals] button at the top left of the screen, or click here.
Click on the [Advanced Search] button to go to the Advanced Search page.
Click on the ‘Help’ button for a user’s guide to each screen.

Free Southeast Asian Periodicals Database

A database of core journals and their libraries in Southeast Asia, developed by the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University, through the joint research project “Sharing of Southeast Asian Regional Materials and Interlibrary Cooperation”.

on campus / 学認 Springer Link 360Link

It provides the online journal platform “Springer Link” and “Springer Online Journal Archive” published by Springer.
The full text is only available for the following titles and years, and for open access literature (where the full text is freely available).

・Human Ecology 2000-2015年
・International Review of Education 2000-2015年
・Journal of East Asian Linguistics 2000-2015年
・KZfSS Kolner Zeitschrift fur Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie  2000-2014年
・Asia Europe Journal 2015年
・Language Resources and Evaluation 2000-2015年
・Linguistics and Philosophy 2000-2015年

Free Statistics Beaurou of Japan

The Statistics Bureau and the Director-General for Policy Planning (Statistical Standards) of Japan play the central role in the official statistical system in producing and disseminating basic official statistics such as Population Census, and coordinating statistical work under the Statistics Act and other legislation.



You can cross-search the collections of Tama Academic Consortium libraries.

on campus Taylor&Francis eBooks 360Link

Taylor & Francis Group’s institutional eBook platform, which provides access to eBooks published by the Taylor & Francis Group and purchased by TUFS.

on campus Taylor&Francis Online Journals 360Link

Backfiles (~1996) of three science and engineering collections (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics) are now available.
You can browse journals in the title list.

You can search by word or phrase from [Search] at the top of the screen.
You can also click on [Advanced and citation search] to go to the advanced search page.
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Free Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Library OPAC

Online Catalogue of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Library.

Free Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Library Newspaper Holdings

Newspaper holding list of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Library.

Free TUFS-Biblio

This is a list of “basic literature” in various fields at TUFS.
It also includes a list of basic literature on area studies recommended by professors of the School of International and Area Studies in 2013-2014.


Free UNdata

UNdata is a web-based data service for the global user community.
It brings international statistical databases within easy reach of users through a single-entry point.
Users can search and download a variety of statistical resources compiled by the United Nations (UN) statistical system and other international agencies.

Free UN MBS Online

The Monthly Bulletin of Statistics (MBS) Online presents current economic and social statistics for more than 200 countries and territories of the world.
It contains 55 tables, comprising over 100 indicators, of monthly, quarterly and annual data on a variety of subjects illustrating important economic trends and developments, including population, industrial production indices, price indices, employment and earnings, energy, manufacturing, transport, construction, international merchandise trade, finance and national accounts.

Free Useful Links (Public Relations Office, Goverment of Japan)

Links for Ministries and Statistics.


Free VernaC

VernaC (TUFS Library VernaC for Researchers and Librarians) is the multilingual database system provided by Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Library.
It facilitates cataloging in multiple lauguages with automatic bidirectional transcription system (Automatic Transcription), and provides the cross search system which can ignore the language transcription of the searched data.


Free Webcat Plus

You can make an associative search of all university libraries.

on campus Wiley Digital Archives

British Association for the Advancement of Science

The British Association for the Advancement of Science—Collections on the History of Science (1830s-1970s) is the ultimate interdisciplinary and interinstitutional archive, comprised of the previously uncatalogued BAAS materials and collections from prestigious British universities, selected by a team of leading History of Science scholars.
This is the only archive connecting the works, thoughts and interactions of the most influential scientists of the time, from Darwin to Ramsay, and documenting the history of British science from the 1830s through the 1970s across disciplines and universities.

on campus / 学認 Wiley Online Library 360Link

Wiley Online Library offers a total of 80 eBook titles, including “Language and Cognition”.
If you do not have a subscription, you can still view the abstracts, but you will not be able to view the full text if you see a message asking you to subscribe.
Title list / Manual

Free World Bank Open Data

World Bank Open Data provides a number of macro, financial and sector databases.

Free WorldCat

WorldCat is the world’s largest network of library content and services.
WorldCat libraries are dedicated to providing access to their resources on the Web, where most people start their search for information.

Free World DataBank

DataBank is an analysis and visualization tool that contains collections of time series data on a variety of topics.

Free World Digital Library Home

the World Digital Library (WDL) was a project of the U.S. Library of Congress, with the support of UNESCO, and contributions from libraries, archives, museums, educational institutions, and international organizations around the world.
The WDL sought to preserve and share some of the world’s most important cultural objects, increasing access to cultural treasures and significant historical documents to enable discovery, scholarship, and use.