TAC Library Service

About TAC

 TAC is a consortium of universities in the Tama Area.
 TUFS students and faculty members can use the TAC libraries.

Partner Universities

UniversityLibrary HomepageOPACMap
Kunitachi College of MusicHomepageOPAC Map 
International Christian UniversityHomepage OPAC Map
Tsuda CollegeHomepageOPAC Map
Tokyo Keizai UniversityHomepageOPAC Map
Musashino Art UniversityHomepageOPAC Map

If you want to know the details of the TAC libraries and TAC services, please check TAC HP .

Borrowing / Return Service

TUFS students and faculty members can register as users and use the materials in the other TAC libraries.
Users can also return the materials at the TUFS service counter.
If you want to know about the detail, please check the TAC HP.

TLL (TAC Library Lending) Service

TLL Service is a mutual cooperation service, which you can borrow the materials belonging to other TAC libraries.
TAC-Bin (TAC delivery service) goes to the TAC libraries and brings back the materials.
You don’t need to pay the postage and other fees.

Basically, TAC-Bin goes to the TAC libraries every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
TAC-Bin doesn’t go to the TAC libraries during the summer vacation, holidays, examination periods, etc.
Please check the TAC-Bin schedule from TAC HP to see if it is available or not before you apply for TLL.

How to Use TLL Service

  • Step 1
    Search the collections of partner universities’ library

    Please make sure whether the TAC libraries have the book or not.
    You can search the entire collection of each university library from the TAC Cross OPAC (TACOPAC).

    If the TAC libraries have the book you want, confirm whether it is for “reference only” or not.
    !Just because it appears in the search results does not mean it is available.

  • Step 2
    Apply via MyLibrary

    Enter your ICC ID and Password in the MyLibrary screen and click “ログイン”.
    You will find it under the [ Application forms ].
    Fill out the TLL application form.

How to receive and return the book

When the ordered book has delivered, you will get an e-mail to the address that you wrote on the application form.
If you receive an e-mail, please come to the TUFS Library Service Counter as soon as possible.

※When you want to return the TLL book, you must bring it to the TUFS Library service counter.
 Don’t put the TLL book into the book post.


  • When you fill out an application form, write the book’s ID numbers correctly.
  • If you find the book without using TACOPAC, you must write the book’s information in detail.
  • You must return the book to the TUFS Library service counter before the deadline.
  • Check the TAC-Bin schedule to see if it is available or not.


A. Please complete one application form per book.

A. Books will arrive within a few days or a week.
It may take more than a week if the TAC service is suspended or reduced due to a long holiday.
If you are in a hurry, please visit the library in person to borrow the item.
(For more information on the TAC loan service, please click here.

A. Books ordered by TLL must be returned by TLL.
Please make sure to return the materials to the TUFS library Service Counter.