Floor Guide

The Library has four floors and the layout of the materials on each floor and the facilities and equipment are shown in the table above.

Click on the floor labels to see a map of the shelves on each floor.

  • Eating and smoking are prohibited on all floors of the library.
  • Beverages and the use of mobile phone are available in the Refresh Corner on 2F.

Use of the Library Facilities

A Campus Card is needed to enter the Library.
In general, all the shelves are open access and you are free to use them for reading or self-study.

There are stack rooms on the first floor. These are also open access. In order to retrieve materials, you will need to operate the electric-powered stack. Please see the notice for instructions.

Use of the Materials located in Other Buildings on Campus

Part of the collection can also be found in the library. More information

Facilities in Library

TUFS-Learning Commons(@Lab)(4F)

TUFS-Learning Commons (@Lab) contains group work area, PC area and Consultation Desk.

  • Group Work Area : It is a space for talking and learning and can be used by a variety of people with a combination of mobile tables and desks.
  • PC Area : PCs of Information Collaboration Center (ICC) are available.
  • Consultation Desk : If you find any difficulties with your studies, our graduate students (consultants) will offer study advice on how to write your dissertation and help with finding resources.

※ Consultation Desk’s HP is here.

Private Study Room / Group Study Room (3F, 4F)

Private reading rooms are for single students and offer a quieter environment for studying.
Group reading room is also available for group study.
To use these rooms, please go to the Service Counter on 2F.

Lounge (3F)

Please use this area when you want to take a break from studying.

Browsing Hall (2F)

Recent newspapers and magazines are available.

Microfilm Readers/Printers (2F)

You can use the Microfilm reader-printer to browse and photocopy the microforms in the library collection.

Microforms are kept in closed-stacks, so please apply at the Service Counter on 2F to use them.
Photocopying is available until 3pm. Please refer here for photocopy fee.

Refresh Corner (2F)

Please use this area for mobile phone calls and hydration.
※No food is allowed.

Information Search Terminals (2F)

The Library has two types of information search terminals as follows:

  • Internet-connected terminals
    You can connect to the internet to browse websites and use search engines.
    The number of machines is limited, so please share the use of these machines when they are crowded.
  • Book search terminals
    This is a dedicated terminal for searching the library’s collection.
    Please click here to see what you can search for. For detailed instructions, please refer to the printed manual provided.

Book search terminals are also located on the 1F, 3F and Stack Rooms (Level 2).

Stack Rooms (Level 1 and 2)

There are electric-powered stacks.
At the flick of a switch, the shelves move automatically, so please make sure that there are no other users in the aisles.