Outline of Collections


Books in the TUFS Library are classified by the year written or their features.
Each category of books is organized by an independent classifying rule, and has a unique catalogue.
For the details of classification, see About Classification and Call Number.

Registration of books to the OPAC is an ongoing process.
See here for the detail (Outline of TUFS Library Collection [Japanese],Registration rate of Shin-Bunrui books in each language [Japanese]).


Materials collected from April 1962 which amount to about 80% of the whole collection.


Materials collected before April 1962. About 90 thousand books.

Rare Books

  • Books on foreign affairs published in Japan around the Meiji Restoration.
    English, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Dutch books published before mid-19th century. (1,262 books)
  • Navalkishor collection (987 books)
  • Research books on religion in Indo-Pakistan. (1,910 books)

Privately Donated Collection

Collections which are organized by privately donated books.

  • Morooka Collection (Mainly Chinese, 8,300)
  • Yasugi Collection (Mainly Russian, 941)
  • Yoshiwara Collection (Mainly Russian, 864)
  • Kabuki Collection (Mainly Czech, 880)
  • Gamô Collection (Mainly Urdu and Persian, 1,200)
  • Kikuchi Collection (Mainly Russian, 5,755)

Ôgata Collection

  • Materials on national and cultural movements in modern Korea [1998]
  • The Library of the Late Professor Mark J. Dresden on Indo-Iranian Linguistics & Languages [1989]
  • Russian Narodnik research collections [1988]
  • Chôsen Nippô (1921.9-1979.12)[1983]
  • Collections of Persian Studies [1982]
  • Mongolian Kanjur [1980]
  • Studies in Contemporary Arabia [1978]
  • Brazil Collection [1978]

C-DATS Collection

Books in the collections of C-DATS(Centre for Documentation & Area-Transcultural Studies).
They consist mainly of research items on Asian and African areas.

AA-Ken Collection

About 90,000 books in the TUFS Library 1st floor reading room.
They are transferred to the TUFS Library by which moving of AA-Ken.
(Research Institute for Language and Cultures of Asia and Africa ; ILCAA).

Other special books such as reference books are held in ILCAA document room.

Other Materials

TUFS Library holds following materials in addition to books.
You can see a list of our holdings from the link in each item.

These materials are shelved by their features and conditions.


Recent issues of newspapers are shelved in 2nd floor reading room.
Those newspapers were purchased or donated this year.

Other papers and past issues are stored in the closed shelves.
Please apply at the service counter when you want to use them.
Fill out a browsing application form and bring it to the Service Counter.

The list of available newspapers is Here.


Recent issues of frequent use are shelved in the 2nd floor New-arrival Journals area.
Recent issues of other journals and bulletins and back numbers are shelved in the Stack Room level 2.


When you want to search for them, please come to the Service Counter, and fill out an application form for browsing.
For the browsing and copying of microfilms, please apply for using the micro reader printer on the 2nd floor.

Audio-visual Supplements to Books

The audio-visual supplements to books are stored separately in the office space.
Please ask at the Service Counter.

Our library does not collect single AV materials.
DVD, Video, CD or other single AV materials are held in the TUFS AV Library.
Please ask the AV Library about searching and using them.

Electronic media (CD-ROM and others)

The electronic media are stored separately in the office space.
Please ask at the Service Counter.

Doctoral Theses

When you want to use these theses, please fill out a browsing application form and bring it to the Service Counter.
Their use is restricted to browsing and copying of up to half of each theses.

Some theses are registered to the Prometheus-Academic Collection.
Please use this repository together with the doctoral theses collection.