Inter-Library Loan (ILL)

Inter Library Loan (ILL) is a service that allows libraries to provide photocopies of articles and to borrow materials mutually.
You can pick up photocopies and loaned materials from other institutions at the counter of TUFS library.

Please make sure by TUFS Library OPAC that the material you are interested in is not held by TUFS libraries.


You can order copies of articles and parts of books to the extent allowed by copyright law.

General amount permitted by copyright law

  • Up to half pages of one book.
  • Whole article in periodicals excluding the latest issue.
    Periodicals published at least three months before are available for this copying service even if it is the latest one.
    Multiple articles may be copied from a single issue, but the total pages copied must not exceed half of all the pages in the issue.

Book Loan

You can borrow books from other universities’ library.
Please note that periodicals are not available in this service, so use photocopying service instead.

Some books are for in-library use only and prohibited from photocopying under the restrictions of the institutions that own them.

Details of Each Service

How to Use Services

  • Step 1.
    Find libraries

    Priority will be given to domestic libraries.
    If the article is held in Japan and can be found in CiNii Books, you do not need to specify where to submit the request.
    If there are no hits on CiNii Books, please indicate the holding institution in the comment box.

    University and Institution libraries in JapanCiNii Books
    National Diet LibraryNDL ONLINE
    Foreign University and Institution Libraries WorldCat
  • Step 2.
    Apply via MyLibrary

    Enter your ICC ID and Password in the MyLibrary screen and click “ログイン”.
    You will find it under the [ Inter Library (photocopy / Loan) Request ]


Domestic LibrariesNational Diet Library
Book LoanRound-trip postage
(Depends on weight, size and mailing method)
Return postage
(in-library use only and prohibited from photocopying)
PhotocopyingCopy fees
(\35-60 per page + postage)
\20 or higher per page + Packing+Postage

The users will be responsible for the actual cost of the service.
Even if you have any research funds, it depends on the conditions of your request whether you can use the fund.
Please see Budget available for ILL for more information.

  • The prices shown in the table are average prices and additional fees and charges may be added depending on the libraries.
  • Shipping costs vary depending on the weight and size of the copy or loan.

Loan Period

It takes a few weeks to receive the materials.

The loan period of the materials is decided by the libraries that own them.
The lending rules of TUFS library are not applied to this service.

Requests for foreign libraries

If the domestic library does not hold the items you need, please check for foreign one before submitting your request.
The application form is the same for both domestic and international applications.