TUFS Library is striving to expand and complete its electronic library functions in order to cope with a multitude of languages.

In 2004, “multilingual database system” operations were used to prepare a catalogue of materials that are not in the Roman alphabet and to develop a search support system. In collaboration with the “Center for Documentation and Area-Transcultural Studies”, we supported the construction of an electronic library system called “Dilins”. It came into use in December 2003. Since 2001, we have established a corner for international students in the library to support the study and research activities of international students and given priority to the collection of materials related to Japanese studies that are written in English and other foreign languages

The University Library Collection

As of 2005, the University Library contains approximately 542,000 books and 6,500 periodicals in more than 100 languages.


The Library is a four-story building. The main entrance and service counter are on the 2nd Floor, where the card and online catalogue system and the periodical and reference collections are also located.

The online catalogue (Book Search System of TUFS Library) can be accessed on the Internet.

Almost all the books are open-shelf collections and visitors are welcome to browse freely.
There are reading tables on each floor, and nearly 200 networked PCs are provided for study and research purposes.

Rare Books and Donations

The Library has a rare book collection of 1,262 titles, including Japanese books on foreign affairs and foreign language studies published prior to the Meiji Period.
There are also several privately-donated collections. The Morooka Library, consisting of 8,300 Chinese documents, is the largest of these.