【Repository】About temporary suspension of content uploads for TUFS Prometheus Academic Collections

TUFS Prometheus Academic Collections system is scheduled to be updated on September 19 (Tue.), 2023.
Due to the system migration, new registration to the repository will be halted during the following period.

New registration suspension period

July 3 (Mon.), 2023 ~ September 28 (Tue.), 2023

It will be continued to accept requests for new registrations after July 3, but they are planned to be released to the repository after new registrations are resumed.
If there is any content that needs to be made public during this period, please contact us using the contact information below.

The contents uploaded before July 3 are available on repository during the period.

Restart schedule of new registration

September 29 (Fri.), 2023

JAIRO Cloud is updating the publishing platform in parallel with the migration of TUFS Prometheus Academic Collections.
Depending on the progress of the update work, the resumption of registration may be postponed.

If there are any changes to the schedule, it will noticed on this page.

Outline of New System

TUFS Prometheus Academic Collections will migrate to JAIRO Cloud provided by the National Institute of Informatics.
JAIRO Cloud will enable the registration and distribution of a wider range of content and metadata than before on the JAIRO Cloud’s publishing platform (WEKO3).

WEKO3 (Publication Platform)|Research Center for Open Science and Data Platform

Contact information

TUFS Library Acquisition Section