Coronavirus: Information & Precautions

February 5, 2020

Updated 2020.02.27

Following the domestic spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, TUFS has decided to implement the following precautions to avoid further spread of the virus. These precautions are subject to further change, and all updates will be posted on this page.

Information from TUFS

For New & Prospective Students

● NEW STUDENTS: Enrollment and the Entrance Ceremony

● PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: Entrance Examination Precautions

For Current Students

● Administration Office Opening Hours

● Joint Corporate Research Seminar Cancelled

● Concerning Extracurricular Activities

● Concerning the Graduation Ceremony

● To Students Travelling Abroad

● To Students Who Have Recently Returned From China

For Faculty Members

● FACULTY MEMBERS: Guidelines for travelling overseas


● Hokesen Letter No. 203: Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak Measures for protection and response for infection

● Hokesen Letter No. 202: Novel Coronavirus Infection (2019-novel coronavirus: 2019-2CoV)

● Hokesen Letter No. 201: A Novel Pneumonia Related to 2019-novel coronavirus in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

● Event Postponement/Cancellation

Official Information

【Concerning the Coronavirus】

● COVID-19 Coronavirus Alerts (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) (Japanese)

● Measures and Precautions Concerning the COVID-19 Coronavirus (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) (Japanese)

● For Japanese Students Currently on Exchange in China (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) (Japanese)

● Measures Concerning the COVID-19 Coronavirus (Cabinet Secretariat) (Japanese)

● COVID-19 Coronavirus Information (National Institute of Infectious Diseases) (Japanese)

● Cases of Pneumonia Caused by the COVID-19 Coronavirus (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Safety Website) (Japanese) (Japanese)

【Information on Travelling Abroad】

● Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Safety Website (Japanese)

● Embassy of Japan in China (Japanese)

● Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Registration Services (Tabireji, Overseas Residential Registration) (Japanese)