Extracurricular activities during and after the Golden Week

April 26, 2021

2021.04.26 updated

State of Emergency has been declared for Tokyo from April 25, 2021.
In order to avoid the spread of the virus, we will take the following measures with regard to extracurricular activities before and after the Golden week.

  1. Between April 29 and May 11, 2021, all face-to-face activities (excluding official games mentioned in #2 below) including information sessions and calling for new members are prohibited on and off campus. Such activities will be allowed through online format, however, use of the research and lecture building is prohibited. In case the state of emergency shall be extended, such restrictions are expected to be extended accordingly.
  2. Circles that need to participate in official games must gain permission from their coach and consult with the student affairs division. Even if permitted, please follow the prescribed procedures without delay, such as taking sufficient infection control measures and submitting a pre-event plan and post-event report. In addition, please do not force club members to participate in the activity based on the activity permission.
  3. To avoid internet trolls, please be careful of how you manage URL if you intend to carry real time online activities.

We may suspend circle activities or give other sanctions to those who ignore these instructions. Be careful.
Should you have any other concerns, please contact the student affairs division.

We will update our website according to how the covid-19 situation goes so check regularly.
We ask for your cooperation in order to avoid further spread of the coronavirus.

Academic Affairs Department, Student Affairs Division