Did you know?

  • 84 Countries
    729 international students from 84 different countries are currently studying at TUFS.
    At the TUFS campus, many different languages are spoken, and students wear all kinds of clothing. You can have a taste of the ‘overseas experience’ right here in Japan.
  • 65
    35% of first-year students study abroad on short-term exchange programs
    65% of each year group study abroad on long-term exchange programs

    In 2016, 1365 TUFS students had experienced studying abroad. Our objective is to encourage every student to study abroad at least twice while studying at TUFS, or as we like to call it, ‘Overseas Exchange 200%’.
  • 72 Languages
    TUFS offers education on 27 different languages from 14 different regions and Japan.
    In addition to major languages, TUFS offers classes on 45 other languages. With a total of 72 languages on offer, you can learn about any region in the world.
  • 198 Institutions
    TUFS has exchange agreements with institutions from 198 regions of 70 different countries.
    These agreements not only allow TUFS to welcome exchange students from overseas partner institutions, but also allow us to send TUFS students abroad.
  • 17 Overseas
    TUFS has established Global Japan Office’s in overseas partner universities
    As of December 2017, TUFS has established bases – Global Japan Office’s – in 15 different countries, and is aiming for 38 bases by 2023. The TUFS Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa also has 2 overseas bases.
  • 40,000 People
    Gaigosai’s world cuisine and 27 language ‘GOGEKI Theater’ are enjoyed by 40,000 people each year
    The TUFS festival – Gaigosai – attracts many guests every year, and in 2017 won the Let’s Enjoy Tokyo Gakuensai Grand Prix for the third time. Every year, around 40,000 guests attend Gaigosai.
  • 2nd Place
    TUFS actively promotes research by holding international conferences and symposiums.
    The results of this are reflected in the classroom. TUFS’ research funds are plentiful, and TUFS professors have a 51.6% chance of being selected for a research grant, the 2nd best odds in Japan.
  • 16
    42 teachers from foreign countries are teaching and/or researching at TUFS.
    With native teachers working in each language department, foreign nationals make up 16% of TUFS’ faculty. These professors are conducting education and research from an international perspective.
  • 4 Quarters
    At TUFS, the year is divided into 4 terms as per the ‘TUFS Quarter System’.
    Compulsory subjects are taken in the spring and autumn quarters, and the summer and winter quarters can be used for short-term exchanges, intensive courses and internships.
  • 280 Written
    TUFS offers 860,000 texts in over 280 languages.
    Japanese and English language texts make up 40% of the texts on offer at the TUFS library, and the remaining 60% is made up of texts from other European (30%) and Asian (30%) languages.