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 Fuchu City Hall and TUFS Cooperation Exchange Event "Learn about The Problems that Face Our World" Held on June 17th
 Mr. Miguel Romero, DIRECTOR DEL CENTRO UNIVERSITARIO DE LA UNED en Cuenca Held Lecture on June 8th
 Special Lecture Commemorating Beginning of Turkmen Tuition Held on June 2nd
 Group of High School Students from Singapore Visited TUFS on June 8th
 TUFS Student Came 1st Place in "64th Tokyo District National University Kendo Competition"
 "Easy to Understand Convenient Lifestyle Handbook for Foreigners" Created by TUFS Students Now Available on Fuchu City Website
 4th Lecture in "Lively Diplomat" Series Sponsored by: Information Center for Social and International Collaboration (ICSIC) Held on June 3rd
 Exchange Meeting with Srinakharinwirot University Vice President Conducted on June 7th
 103rd Intramural Boat Race Held June 3rd
 Open Positions [Call for Applications (Area Studies/ History on South Asia)(ILCAA)]
 Professor Emeritus Awards Ceremony Held on May 31st
 [ICJS] Submission Requirements of the Journal
 TUFS International Community Hosted "African Culture Day" on May 13th
 "Former President Mujica of Uruguay`s Lecture (Mr. Mujica`s speech uncut (with simultaneous interpretation)" uploaded on Youtube: TUFS Channel
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Apr. 20th - The end of Jun.
Special Exhibition: "TUFS ROWING SINCE 1902"
Saturday,4th June-Sunday,5th June 2016
Open meeting:ILCAA Joint Research Project "The case-marking systems in Ryukyuan: a typological survey", The 4th Meeting
10th-12th June 2016
The 23rd Annual Meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association at TUFS
14:00-17:15,Thursday,16 June 2016
Announcement of AA-Ken Forum Talk
17:30-19:45,Monday,20th June 2016
TUFS Cinema : Screening of a Japanese silent movie "The Downfall of Osen(Orizuru Osen,Kenji Mizoguchi)" with the Benshi+Lecture
14:00-17:00,Saturday,25 June 2016
International workshop of Middle East and Islamic Studies
16:00‐18:00, Wednesday, 29 June 2016
Lecture on the modern history of Central Eurasia by Dr. Jampeissova
14:00-17:40, Saturday, 9 July 2016
[ICJS]"Contrastive Study for Japanese and Other Languages" The 19th Research Seminar hosted by the Contrastive Japanese Division, International Centre for Japanese Studies
Tue.-Thu. 19-21st July, 2016
Summer Seminar 2016 "Language, Literature, History: Constructive Approach to International Japanese Studies"