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 "India-Japan Relations Lecture Given by Indian Ambassador Residing in Japan" On May 18th Sponsored by: TUFS and Indus-Kai
 6th American Football Friendly Match Between TUFS and ICU Held on May 7th
 President Tateishi Attended Taiwan - Japan University President`s Forum on May 12th
 Student of TUFS participated in the G200 Youth Summit (Germany) as part of the Japan Delegation
 Latin America: 3 Universities Cooperating for The Re-Inventing Japan Project Held "Study Abroad Achievements Report Meeting" on April 26th
 Vice-President of The University of Porto Conducted Lecture at TUFS on April 26th
 2nd Lecture in "Lively Diplomat" Series (Lecturer: Shinomiya Heisuke, previous Ambassador of Guatemala) Sponsored by: Information Center for Social and International Collaboration
 Vice President of Shanghai Foreign Studies University (China) Visits TUFS on April 27th
 TUFS Archives Held the 4th Tama District University Archives Study Meeting on April 21st
 Japanese Library Room Established at 2 Foreign Offices (Shanghai International Studies University, Tamkang University)
 Entrance Ceremony for 2016 Academic Year Held on April 3rd
 TUFS student won 1st place at "International Speech Competition in Malay"
 TUFS student Won 1st Place in Essay Competition Held at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University on April 18th
 Dean, Faculty of Arts and Associates from University of Ljubljana Visit TUFS on April 8th
 Teaching Staff Appointment Ceremony for the Foreign Language Faculty conducted on April 1st
 Student from School of Language and Culture Studies Played Active Role as Volunteer Interpreter in 4 Continents Figure Skating Championships 2016
 Previous President of Uruguay Mujika gave Lecture at TUFS on April 7th
 TUFS Area Research Lecture Featured in Newspaper for Middle and High School Students
 TUFS Archives designated as "National Archives"
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Apr. 20th - The end of Jun.
Special Exhibition: "TUFS ROWING SINCE 1902"
12:00-12:40, Wednesday,11th May 2016
[LUNCHEON LINGUISTICS]Areal calques in East and Southeast Asian languages
17:40-19:10, Friday 13th May, 2016
Lecture: Nuclear Power Plants and Security
May 14 - June 4, 2016
TUFS Cinema Polish Movie Screening
14:20-15:50, Wednesday 18th May, 2016
Lecture: India-Japan Relations
14:00-17:15,Thursday,19 May 2016
Announcement of AA-Ken Forum Talk
14:00-18:00,20th Friday May 2016
Core project "Anthropological Studies of Regime Change (1) Ethnography of Revolutionary Cuba: Daily Life in the Special Period" by Sachiko TANUMA+Film Screening "Cuba Sentimental"
14:00-19:00,21st Saturday May 2016
Core project "Anthropological Studies of Regime Change (2) Regime Changes and Societies in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa"
13:00-18:40,Sunday,22 May 2016
Follow-up Meeting on ILC 2011 (Sibe) / The 6th Meeting on Sibe Language and Linguistics
10th-12th June 2016
The 23rd Annual Meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association at TUFS
17:30-19:45,Monday,20th June 2016
TUFS Cinema : Screening of a Japanese silent movie "The Downfall of Osen(Orizuru Osen,Kenji Mizoguchi)" with the Benshi+Lecture