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 Uruguayan Ambassador Visits TUFS
 JLCTUFS Holds Class Observation
 Hungarian Folk Dance Taught in Class
 Lithuanian Ambassador Delivers Presentation
 Open Positions [Full-time non-tenured Language Lecturers in English, Center for Global Language and Society in Higher Education, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies]
 A group of 18 high school students from Singapore visits TUFS
 TUFS Student Awarded in Cambodian Speech Contest
 Scholarship Announcement Ceremony Held
 TUFS Students Come First in Student Dance Competition
 President of the State University of New York at Albany visits TUFS
 Warning Regarding the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS‐CoV)
 Report of Emergency Donation for Nepal Quake Victims
 TUFS Students Win Prizes in Chinese Proficiency Competition
 Fourth Citizen Lecture Held in Cooperation with Tachikawa Branch of Yomiuri Shimbun
 Moscow State University Deputy Director Visits TUFS and Delivers Introductory Session about Exchange Program
 International Symposium"Multifaceted Japan: Past, Present and Future of Crossing Identities" Held
 102nd Intramural Boat Race Held
 Ambassadors from 24 Spanish-Portuguese Speaking Countries Visit TUFS
 Honduras Ambassador Visits TUFS
 Directors of Camões Institute for Cooperation and Language Visit TUFS
 Movie Director Bahman Ghobadi Attends Talk
 Professor of Instituto Superior Lusiada de Cabinda in Angola Visits TUFS
 Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute Plays "Ivanov"
 TUFS Students Claim Victory in Dance Competition
 Graduate School Admission Guidance Held
 Third Citizen Lecture Series Held in Cooperation with Tachikawa Branch of Yomiuri Shimbun
 University of Regina's President and officials Visit TUFS
 Professor Shinohara Wins Best Translation Award
 【Apply Now!】A lecture series for citizens "Life in the modern society-The world where people are living and have lived" (No reservation required)
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17:40 ‐19:10, Friday, 19 June 2015
Research Seminar "How the Narrative Is Invented : Boris Pilnyak and Japan"
13:00-17:30,Saturday,20th June 2015
Open meeting: ILCAA Joint Research Project "A Study of Sources for African History", The 4th Meeting
[Application Deadline:6/24]Field Linguistics Workshop:Linguistic fieldwork training workshop: Miyako Ryukyuan
14:00-15:00,Thursday,25th June 2015
Announcement of AA-Ken Forum Talk
17:40 ‐19:10, Friday, 26 June 2015
Open Seminar "Japanese-Language as a bond:Japanese Language used outside of Japan" hosted by the Sociolinguistics Devision, International Center for Japanese Studies
14:00-15:00,Thursday,2nd July 2015
Announcement of AA-Ken Forum Talk
17:00-19:00,Thursday,2nd July 2015
Core Project "Pluralistic World Understanding based on African Studies" Open Meeting
17:00-19:00,Friday 3rd July, 2015
ICJS Joint Researchers Workshop
16:00-19:00,Saturday,4th July 2015
Book Review Meeting: Core Project "The Anthropological Explorations into the Linkage of Micro-Macro Perspectives""Taiwan niokeru Minshu Kirisutokyo no Jinruigaku"
14:00-16:10,Thursday,9 July 2015
Announcement of AA-Ken Forum Talk
14:30-18:30,Friday,10th July 2015
Announcement of "The 1st Field Science Colloquium Workshop" The details are as follows.
14:00-17:40, Saturday, 11th July 2015
ICJS "Contrastive Study for Japanese and Other Languages" The 16th Research Seminar by International Centre for Japanese Studies
10:00‐17:30 Tue.-Fri. 14-17 July, 2015
ICJS Summer Seminar 2015 "Language, Culture, History: Constructive Approach to International Japanese Studies"
FIELDPLUS café "Calculating chronograms in Arabic letters"