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 Application for TUFS Japanese Language and Japan Studies program starts soon. (September 1 - 15, 2016)
 TUFS Today [Studying "Japan" with our CAAS researchers] released
 Narrator and Musician Invited to TUFS Cinema Silent Film Screening on June 20th
 Film Director from Myanmar Participates in Documentary Film Screening on June 29th
 Central Asia Research Seminar Held on 23rd June
 The German Ambassador in Japan Conducted a Lecture at TUFS and Exchanged with German Major Students on 22nd June
 Open Positions [Call for Applications (Open Position for a full-time tenure track Lectureship in Economics Institute of Japan Studies in World Language and Society Education Center Tokyo University of Foreign Studies),the others]
 Scholarship Announcement Ceremony Held on June 16th
 Fuchu City Hall and TUFS Cooperation Exchange Event "Learn about The Problems that Face Our World" Held on June 17th
 Mr. Miguel Romero, DIRECTOR DEL CENTRO UNIVERSITARIO DE LA UNED en Cuenca Held Lecture on June 8th
 Special Lecture Commemorating Beginning of Turkmen Tuition Held on June 2nd
 Group of High School Students from Singapore Visited TUFS on June 8th
 TUFS Student Came 1st Place in "64th Tokyo District National University Kendo Competition"
 "Easy to Understand Convenient Lifestyle Handbook for Foreigners" Created by TUFS Students Now Available on Fuchu City Website
 103rd Intramural Boat Race Held June 3rd
 [ICJS] Submission Requirements of the Journal
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14:00-15:30, Thursday, 25 August 2016
The 5th Research Seminar "Comparative Studies of Japanese, English and Chinese and Japanese Language Education" hosted by the International Japanese Education Division, International Center for Japanese Studies
18:00‐20:30, Tuesday, 13 September, 2016
Screening of a Tibetan Documentary Film "Bringing Tibet Home"
10:00-17:00, Saturday, 17th September 2016
Symposium "Resilience of Tibetan Civlization"