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 TUFS Students Meet with Vice President of Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
 Olympic & Paralympic Games Class Opens! Stories of Experiences at Rio
 TUFS Student Wins Prize in Russian Contest
 TUFS Teaching Member Receives 18th Yomiuri Yoshino Sakuzo Prize
 Universidad de Malaga Rector Visits TUFS
 Chinese Embassy Councilors Visit TUFS
 Starring Actress Attends TUFS Cinema Iranian Film Screening
 TUFS Cinema Special South Asian Film Screening- Subtitles by TUFS Graduate Translator
 TUFS Cinema Screening of Cuban Film
 Singapore Secondary School Students Visit TUFS
 TUFS Teaching Member Receives History of Science Society of Japan Award
 Visit from Tel Aviv University
 Open Positions [Call for Applications : ILCAA (Linguistics) (Area Studies/ History), and others]
 University for Peace (Costa Rica) Vice President Visits TUFS
 104th Intramural Boat Race
 TUFS vs. ICU American Football (We'll Win Next Year!)
 Visit from Moscow State University
 Visit from the Cuban Ambassador in Japan
 TUFS Student Competes in the Japan National Student Karaoke Battle
 TUFS Global Community Meeting Held in Beijing
 Global Alliance of Foreign Studies Universities (GAFSU) Established
 Exchange between the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Students
 Lecture form the Kazakh Ambassador in Japan
 New Student Welcome Party Co-Hosted with Gaigokai
 Second Press Meeting Takes Place
 Centre for Contemporary African Area Studies Opens
 TUFS Today [New Doctoral Programs starting from spring 2018 !] released
 TUFS 2017-2019 Action Plan
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19:00-20:30(Open 18:30), Friday, 2nd June 2017
Tibetan Literature Night
10:00-11:30, 13th June 2017
[GDC] A Special Lecture on Syrian Refugees in Adana, Turkey
17:40-19:10, Friday, 23rd June 2017
English Lecture with Simultaneous Interpretation into Japanese: My Life as a World Bank Economist
13:00-17:30, Sunday, 25th June 2017
International Symposium"Art and Disability: The cases from Africa and Asia"
18:00-20:00 Tuesday, 27th June, 2017
"A Telescope and a Cargo of Paintings and Prints Sent from London to Japan in 1611-1616 - Their Purpose and Meaning." Workshop
18:30-20:30, Monday, 3rd July, 2017
13:00‐16:00, Wednesday, 5th July, 2017
Field linguistics workshop: Technical workshop: Basis of the data annotation software ELAN
Wed.-Fri. 12nd-14th July, 2017
Summer Seminar 2017 "Language, Literature, Society: Constructive Approach to International Japanese Studies"
13:00-16:00, Tuesday, 18th July 2017
LingDy Forum: Talks by LingDy3 research associates