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 The 92nd Gaigosai
 Professor Oda Awarded the Certificate of Appreciation
 TUFS: Lecture Series: Dr. Donald Keene, "My Life with Foreign Languages". The video has been uploaded to YouTube.
 TUFS President's Special Lecture at the 3rd Japan-North Africa University Presidents Meeting, and the Signing of a Partnership with Mohammed V University-Agdal (Morocco)
 TUFS Rowing Team Wins Prize in the All Japan Championship
 Lecture and Concert Held by Zalmen Mlotek, Artistic Director at The National Yiddish Theatre
 Lecture by Southern African Development Community Starts
 Japan-Germany Tandem Camp Held by Japanese and German students
 "Japanese Cultural Experience Class" and "International Interaction Night" for 2013 Is Held
  TUFS Students Claim Victory in "the 25th All Japan Students Championship"
 TUFS Graduate Student Places in the "2013 Hong Kong Cup All Japan University Students English Speech Contest"
 2013 Japan Malay Speech Competition
 TUFS Concludes an Academic Exchange Agreement with the University of Bologna
 TUFS Research Fellow Wins "Cesare Pavese Prize"
 TUFS Students Get Place in the 14th National Student German Speech Contest
 TUFS Students Place in The 31st National Chinese Speech Contest in Tokyo
 TUFS Student Claims Victory In The 7th Cheerleading World Championships
 Picture Books Translated by TUFS Students Are Published In Cambodia
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2014-10-15(Wed) to 11-14(Fri) 10:00-19:30(closed on national holiday and weekends, the final day by 12:00).
Poster Exhibition "Krakow's Heart of Japanese Culture": the 20th Anniversary of Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology in TUFS
Multifaceted self and spatial imagination: Working discussion with Rawi HAGE
FINDAS Workshop "Rethinking Indian Cinema"