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 SADC Ambassador Relay Lecture Series Begins with Zimbabwe
 Former Japanese Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Visits TUFS as Guest Lecturer
 TUFS Student Wins International Malaysian Speech Contest
 Spring/Summer Closing Ceremony held for General Auditing Students
 TUFS Faculty Undertake Information Security Training
 ILCAA's 'Kannada-English Etymological Dictionary' Wins the Institut de France Ikuo Hirayama Award
 GJO Established at University of Lviv, Ukraine
 TUFS Welcomes 205 Foreign Exchange Students
 Autumn Entrance Ceremony Held
 Director of Institutional Planning at University of Pretoria Visits TUFS
 Autumn Commencement Ceremony Held
 Teacher Training Course for DLA held at TUFS
 TUFS Participates in Yangon Japan Exchange Fair
 Lecture on Community Interpreting held at Tokyo Prosecutor's Office
 TUFS Students Become Lecturers for Volunteer Training Course
 JEP with University of Yangon Begins at TUFS
 3rd Lecture on Olympic/Paralympic Games, 'Olympics & Volunteering,' held at TUFS
 TUFS Chosen to Participate in Inter-University Exchange Project with Russia
 TUFS Today [The Three 'Inter-University Exchange Projects' at TUFS] released
 TUFS Student Wins Japan-Palau Friendship Princess Pageant
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14:00-17:00, Tuesday, 17th November 2017
Information Resources Center 20th Anniversary Workshop : "Music and folklore of Reunion Island (region of France in the Indian Ocean)"
10:00-16:30,18th-19th November 2017
Follow-up meeting on ILC 2017 (Javanese)
14:00-18:00,2nd December 2017
Symposium on Construction of the Face-Body Studies in Transcultural Conditions
12:00-16:30, 4th-22nd December 2017
World of Children's Books in Africa
13:00‐16:00, Wednesday, 6th December, 2017
Field linguistics workshop: Technical workshop: Field note taking (1): Research purposes and field note
13:30-18:15, Saturday, 9th December 2017
Information Resources Center 20th Anniversary Symposium "Information resources and archiving in humanities"
12:30-19:00, Sunday, 26th November 2017
Cultural/Social Anthropology Research Seminar 2017
10:30-17:15 Saturday, 9th December 2017
【FINDAS】2017 FINDAS International Workshop "Literary Intervention and Political Culture in South Asia"
Monday , 26 March 2018
(Notice) Venue and Start time of Diploma and Graduation Ceremony 26/03/2018