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 TUFS Students Participate in SUN General Assembly & WRICOS
 2018 Entrance Ceremony
 TUFS Student Chosen for Japan National Cheer Team, Wins World Championship
 Cultural Events for International Students held at TUFS
 Former Ambassador of Papua New Guinea Gives Lecture at TUFS
 Interpreter-Mediated Mock Trial Held at TUFS
 TUFS Begins Joint Development of the English Speaking Test BCT-S
 Emergency Drill Held at TUFS
 TUFS Holds Short-Term JEP with Royal University of Phnom Penh
 TUFS Student Awarded Tokugawa Scholarship
 Short Stay Winter Program Begins at TUFS
 TUFS Students Win at Malaysian Speech Contest
 Gaigosai Wins MVP Prize at Gakuensai Grand Prix
 TUFS Today [Peace and Conflict Studies, PCS] released
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19th March-23rd March 2018
SCOPIC workshop
10:10-18:30, Sunday, 25th March 2018
Symposium:Affect and Intelligence
Monday, 26 March 2018
(Notice) Venue and Start time of Diploma and Graduation Ceremony 26/03/2018
10:00–13:00, Monday, 26th March 2018
LingDy Forum: Documenting and analysing Austronesian and Papuan languages
Tuesday, 27th March 2018 - To be held twice
Launch Event of Tibetan Nomadic Dictionary (pilot version)
13:00-17:00, Wednesday, 28th March 2018
Memorial workshop to celebrate the launch of Tibetan Nomadic Dictionary (pilot version): Talking about the future of Tibetan Nomadic Dictionary
13:30-18:00, Thursday, 29th March 2018
Research Meeting on Middle East and Islamic Studies
Saturday, 7th April 2018
2018 Entrance Ceremony