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List of Event

16:30-18:30, Friday, 20 January 2017
[ICJS]"Language Revitalization: Heading towards metroethnicity"
13:00-18:00, Saturday, 21st January 2017
Fieldnet Lounge "The Biography of Poison: Reconsidering Fieldwork Methods in the Contemporary World through Interdisciplinary Approaches"
13:00, Saturday, 21 January 2017
Lecture: Yoshihiko IKEGAMI "Japanese is the devil's language": An enquiry into the relation between cultural prejudice, linguistic relativism, and the evolution of language
12:40-15:50, Monday, 30 January 2017
Workshop with simultaneous interpreting "Grassroots Fascism: Then and Now"
14:20-17:30, Tuesday, 31 January 2017
Lecture: Timon SCREECH "Descent to the East (Azuma-kudari) in the Tales of Ise and its Political Meaning in Edo Painting."
16:00-17:30, Wednesday, 1 February 2017
Right history/wrong history? Ideological hierarchies in cinematic representations of the past in wartime Japan
23-24 August 2017
Presence Africaine : Towards New Political and Cultural Perspectives Identities, memories and resistances between Africa, Europe and the Americas from colonization to post-colony / Open meeting: ILCAA Joint Research Project "Presence Africaine: Towards
13:00–18:00, Sunday , 19th March 2017
ILCAA Joint Research Project "Economic Activities and Behaviors Based on Islam (The Second Term)", The 2nd meeting
12:15-13:45(JST), Tuesday, 21th March 2017
Japanese Learners' Debate 2017 bringing together TUFS' Global Japan Offices
10:30–16:30, 21st, 22nd March 2017
[Application Deadline:11:59 AM (JST), 16/3/2017]Field linguistics workshop: Grammatical Studies Workshops 11: Lecture and Practical session on GRAID: Annotating corpora for research on referentiality across typologically diverse languages
Friday , 24 March 2017
(Notice) Venue and Start time of Diploma and Graduation Ceremony 24/03/2017
13:00–16:00, Tuesday , 28th March 2017
LingDy Forum: Talks by LingDy3 research associates
13:30-18:00, Wednesday , 29th March 2017
Research Meeting on Middle East and Islamic Studies
14:00–17:00, Thursday , 30th March 2017
[Film Workshop]Messages from Paradise
Saturday, 8th April
2017 Entrance Ceremony