Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Inter-University Exchange ProjectInnovative Africa: Educational Networking Programs for Human Resource Development in Africa’s SDGs (IAfP)

Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
Kigali (Rwanda)
Kigali (Rwanda)
Passakongo (Burkina Faso)
Cape Town(South Africa)
Kigali (Rwanda)

To deepen the mutual understanding between Africa and Japan

The Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) has a long history in the field of African studies since the establishment of the Research Institute for Languages and Cultures for Asia and Africa in 1964. It started the African studies course at the School of International and Area Studies in 2012, which made TUFS the only Japanese university providing African studies courses for undergraduate students. Additionally, the African Studies Center, established in 2017, has made extensive efforts to promote the exchange of researchers and students between TUFS and partner universities in Africa.

This program (IAfP) aims at developing human resources that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the enhancement of student exchange. Africa is a frontier for the current global challenges confronting human beings. All issues tackled by the SDGs, including poverty reduction, social and economic development, gender equality, public health management, environmental conservation, and improvement of governance, are critically important and real there. Opportunities to study abroad will be essential for African and Japanese students to obtain in-depth knowledge, exchange ideas, and gain invaluable experiences.

TUFS and Kyoto University will cooperatively implement this program from fiscal year 2020 to 2024. The most important pillars of the program are promoting student exchanges with partner universities and building extensive and effective networks covering universities as well as public and private sector institutions in Japan working with African counterparts. Through the cooperation of the two universities with strong specialties in African studies, the networks will effectively develop relationships not only among academia but also among related stakeholders.

African Studies Center, Director Shinichi Takeuchi

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