Acts Against Information Ethics

April 22, 2020

To all TUFS students,

April 21, 2020

Here at TUFS, online classes began on April 20. Please be aware that committing any of the following actions may result in disturbances during online classes and invasion of participants’ privacy, and fall under “acts against information ethics” as described in Article 4 (4) of the “Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Disciplinary Action Regulations”.

1) Sharing meeting IDs and passwords for classes held via Zoom with other people

2) Taking and posting pictures on social media of online classes without the consent of those participating in said online class. This also includes recording sound/video of a class and making it available to the public without the permission of the course coordinator.

3) Redistributing resources distributed via online classes without the permission of the course coordinator.

We ask that students take care not to commit the above acts.

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies