Checklist for Students Coming to School

September 27, 2020


Please check the following precautions and be sure not to get infected or infect others.

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Before coming to school

□ Take your temperature every day.
□ Do not come to school if you do not feel well.

When on campus

□ Wear a mask.
□ Take your temperature with the thermal sensor upon entering the Research and Lecture building.
 If you have a fever, please contact the Health Care Center.
□ Use the stairs instead of the elevators when going to class.
□ Wash your hands with soap and water or disinfect your hands before and after classes.

During face-to-face classes

□ Wear a mask.
□ Avoid the “Three C’s” (closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings) and follow your teacher’s instructions on seating positions.

When taking online classes on campus

□ Wear a mask.
□ Take classes in the following classrooms
 ★ZOOM Classrooms
  ・Bring your own PC and headset (with a microphone).
  ・Classrooms 101、226、227 are for taking ZOOM classes only.
  ・Students may use classrooms 102/103/107/108/109/113/114/115 when opened.
 ★PC Classrooms (desktop computers are available for use)
  ・Bring your own headset (with a microphone).
 ・Please note that ZOOM will not connect outside the classrooms mentioned above.

During lunch

□ Leave space between seats and avoid sitting directly opposite others.
☐ Refrain from conversations and do not talk loudly.
☐ If possible eat outdoors in a clean and pleasant atmosphere.

Circle activities

□ Guidelines for extracurricular activities and use of facilities must be abided by.
□ Follow directions from the Student Affairs Division and the Sports and Cultural Clubs Committee, and stick to the activity and infection prevention plans you have submitted.

When outside of school

□ Do not eat or drink out with several people.
□ If you have a part-time job, check the infection prevention measures the workplace has put into place.
 Do not work somewhere where there may be issues.

Contact information for inquiries & consultation

□ If you have undergone a PCR test due to suspicion of infection、

□ Inquiries about taking classes

□ If you have technical issues (such as problems with Zoom) or need to borrow equipment

tufs-zoom-studentssupport[at] (Please change [at] to @ when you send an e-mail.)

□ Inquiries about financial issues or scholarships

gakusei-kakari []

□ For general consultation (Student Counseling Room)
TEL: 042-330-5560

□ For consultation on health issues (Health Care Center)

hoken-center[at] (Please change [at] to @ when you send an e-mail.)
TEL: 042-330-5435

□ For academic support (TUFS Academic Support Center)

academic-support-center[at] (Please change [at] to @ when you send an e-mail.)

Health Check Sheet

Please take your temperature every day and mark ✓ if you have any symptoms that apply.