Online Class Support


Let's Start the Google Classroom (4) How to take the tests on Google Classroom

Let's start Google Classroom (3) Submitting your assignments

Let's start Google Classroom (2) Joining the class and saving class materials

Let's start the Google Classroom (1) Outline of the Google Classroom and how to log in

2020 Autumn Quarter Receiving the Links for the classes

How to use TUFS GAKUMU information system No.1 --Logging in and checking the message

How to check TUFS emails -- Getting used to using ICC Cloud gmail

How to use the Moodle 1st —Log in and resister for the first class—

How to use the Moodle 2nd —How to download the handouts & the assignments—

Online class etiquette ~The Don’ts and the manners during the class~

Let's try Zoom (English session)