Overview of the Initiative for Realizing Diversity in the Research Environment


Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Science, and Greater Tokyo Initiative (TAMA) have been selected to participate in the Initiative for Realizing Diversity in the Research Environment, Funds for the Development of Human Resources in Science and Technology. These institutions, with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology taking the lead role, will cooperate in creating the "Kanto Platform" for promoting an active role for female researchers and expanding the platform throughout the country. The aim will be to foster improvements in the research environment in order to enable female researchers to optimally develop and demonstrate their research skills, and to increase the number of institutions in which women are promoted to managerial posts and are able to play active roles. The Kanto Platform will ultimately be expanded throughout the nation.



Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) specializes in education and research in the fields of agriculture and engineering. Our aim is to produce graduates capable of taking on global challenges, and to foster research in cutting-edge technology. We pay particular attention to training young researchers and female researchers. At TUAT we have been promoting gender equality as well as providing support to female researchers. As a leading institution promoting women's active roles, we have also been increasing the number of women in leadership positions. As the representative institution cooperating in this initiative, we look forward to working closely together with all the collaborating institutions.


Women's Future Development Organization of TUAT, in collaboration with Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, and Greater Tokyo Initiative (TAMA), aims to support activities to foster improvements in the research environment of female researchers in the Kanto area. Moreover, our goal is to expand this network nationwide and create the Kanto Platform where female researchers can play an active part beyond all boundaries.


Since its foundation, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies has played a leading role in globalizing Japanese universities and produced many internationally-minded individuals among its alumni. Our institution possesses many female researchers, international students and researchers from abroad and it has been endeavoring to enhance its diversity environment. As one of the collaborating institutions, we continue to explore ways to increase our own contribution to this Initiative.


JIRCAS plays a central role in making Japan contribute internationally to scientific research in the fields of agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Through joint research in developing areas, we have shown leadership in fostering human resources and promoting gender equality. JIRCAS will collaborate with the other institutions to further support the contribution of women to scientific advancement.


As a supporter of smaller and medium enterprises, we have been promoting better working conditions under which women can play active parts. We are confident that we can contribute to this Initiative by focusing on providing information to various industries based on our business network. >> Greater Tokyo Initiative (TAMA)

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Overview of the Initiative

Our actions for this initiative are as follows.

Leading and expanding a female researchers' network from the Kanto area to the nation


Joint operation of the support system for female researchers

Strengthening of female researchers' research activities by globalization / Promotion of women to managerial posts

If a female professor, associate professor, or lecturer has be en appointed as an executive, the relevant department will be provided with financial assistance necessary to the hiring of an additional assistant.

Action plan for the Act of Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace & Our goal for this program

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Japan International Research Center for Agriccultural Sciences

Gender Tokyo Initiative (TAMA)

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Events Information

Event Guide

SEMINAR - English Presentation Skills for International Academic Conferences

Career Formation Support Seminar for Young Researchers
'The Current State of Life Events for Field Researchers'

Date/Time Thursday 21st December 2017, 15:00-16:30
Venue Student Lounge 106, Japanese Language Center for International Students, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Fuchu Campus
Access / Campus Map
Topics 1) 'The Birth of Female Glaciologists'
Naoko Nagatsuka (National Institute of Polar Research)

2) 'Life Events of a Natural Sciences Field Researcher: My Experiences in Bringing Family on Overseas Field Research
Sumito Matoba (Institute of Low Temperature Science Hokkaido University)
Target Audience Researchers planning to conduct research investigations overseas. Others also welcome.
Other Advance bookings not necessary
Children may be brought along to this seminar
Inquiries General Affairs and Planning Division, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Gender Equality Promotion Office
E-mail: diversity[at]tufs.ac.jp
Please replace [at] with @.

【Application Deadline: 15th November】Seminar on Balancing Work and Caregiving

Date/Time Wednesday 29th November 2017, 14:20~15:50
Venue Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Administration Building 2F Medium Conference Room
3-11-1 Asahi-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo
Access / Campus Map
Seminar Content ・The importance of prior mental preparation
・Tips for balancing work and caregiving
・Information on the structure of nursing organizations
・Introduction to tools for caregiving
Target Audience TUFS faculty and staff (male and female)
Where to Apply Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, General Affairs and Planning Division
diversity[at] tufs.ac.jp (please change [at] to @).
Application Deadline: 15th November

News & Topics

Job Openings

There are currently no positions available.


Group Mentor System

We carry out group mentorship targeted at female researchers affiliated with the organizers of this project as well as network organizations. The group mentorship system is one that overcomes the barriers of organizations, where experienced female researchers become mentors offering consultations to female researchers to help them overcome worries related to education, research and work-life balance. Consultation methods include using mailing lists to receive advice from numerous mentors, and matching individual mentors and mentees to answer concerns.
In addition, there is the method of signing up to and having discussions within the communities of female researcher social networking services.


Childbirth, Childcare and Caregiving Consultations

Consultants with public health nursing and midwifery qualifications will answer inquiries by Email or in interview consultations. We usually give responses appropriate to each individual concern through advice and information from consultants, and through specialists.

Administrative Information

Visa for visiting family members
Guidebook for Foreign Researchers