About the “On-campus networking for the actualization of a diversity-friendly environment” (temporary name)

To all TUFS faculty members 

February 21, 2019

Gender Equality Promotion Meeting

About the “On-campus networking for the actualization of a diversity-friendly environment” (temporary name)

Here at TUFS, as part of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's 2016 Support Funds for the Development of Human Resources in Science and Technology project, “Initiative for Realizing Diversity in the Research Environment (Traction Type)”, we have been actively supporting female researchers.

This project and its subsidiary aid will come to an end with the current academic year, but since this project only supported a specific group of people, we think it is necessary to gather and reflect on a wide range of opinions before moving forward.

Because of this, we want to create a network, a place through which we can gather and discuss topics on-campus related to the “actualization of a diversity-friendly environment”, which we then hope to use as a foothold to improve the environment at TUFS. As part of this initiative, the following event will be held in the current academic year.

Event: The first “A network for actualization of a diversity-friendly environment” lunch meeting

Date: Friday 1st March 2019

Time: 12:00-13:00

Venue: Multilingual Lounge, Research and Lecture Building 4F
※ the Multilingual Lounge is labelled as “多目的スペース1” on the map in the link above.
The Multilingual Lounge is the glass-sided room opposite the Institute of Transcultural Studies.

Topic: The compatibility of life events and work

Target Audience: TUFS faculty members

・Application is not required. Midway participation and departure is also possible.
・Please bring your own lunch.

This meeting is open to anyone, including those struggling with balancing life and work, and those worried about doing so in the future.
While we understand this information is coming to you at such short notice, we hope to see everyone there.


General Affairs and Planning Division
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