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Administrative Information

Change in address

-You need to go to the City Hall to apply. Your new address will be written on the back side of your “Resident Card” at the City Hall.
-You also need to obtain a “Certificate of Residency” (“Jumin-hyo” in Japanese) at the City Hall.
-Please bring the “Certificate of Residency” and your “Resident Card” to the Office for International Affairs.
-You also need to submit “変更届(Notification of change)” to the Personnel Division (4F Admin Building).

Change in family members

-You need to go to the City Hall within 2 weeks after the change (i.e, birth of a child). Please obtain a “Certificate of Residency” ,which officially states your new family member’s information, at the City Hall and submit it to the Office for International Affairs.
If you live in the university accommodation, please submit “家族同居申請書 (Application for family residency)” to the Office for Internatnional Affairs.

Child’s health care support/ Child-allowance

-Eligible age may differ depending on the city you live in.
-Child-care allowance: You may be required to submit the application form once a year. If you receive a letter from the City Hall and do not understand what is written, please ask your host professor or the Office for International Affairs (English only).

Request to issue certificates from TUFS

-You need to fill in the appropriate form. Please visit the Office for International Affairs.
-The division in charge is Jinji-Romu-ka (Personnel Div.), so it will take a couple of days for your requested certificate to be issued.

Year End Tax Adjustment

Every November, TUFS will send an announcement asking you to submit documents for the “Year End Tax Adjustment” so please check e-mail from "ofias-announce[at]" as well as the website of “Inside TUFS (English)”. Everyone registered as a “resident” needs to submit the form.
*Please note that TUFS only processes the application form about the salary you receive from TUFS. If you have any side-jobs, TUFS cannot accept any tax-income certificates issued by other organizations. If you have any side-jobs, please go to the tax authority in the area of your residence during the “Kakutei-Shihkoku” period (mid Feb-mid Mar), bringing all of your tax-income certificates including the one issued from TUFS.

If you don’t understand how to fill in the forms, please ask your host professor to assist you. Please note that the deadline must be kept. If you don’t submit by the deadline, your income tax for the next year will be raised by 5 times more.
If you have any “保険料支払証明書” (a receipt of the private insurance) from private insurance companies, you will also need to attach the receipts to submit.

Japanese social security number "My Number" system

Since October 2015, a new social security system, the so-called “My Number” system, has been introduced.
Every individual living in Japan (as a resident) will be given a “Personal identification number” as a Japanese social security number.
You need to declare your (and your family members’) personal identification number to Kyuyo-Kyosai-ka.
For the official details about “My Number” system, please refer to the following URL:

*Please keep your personal identification number safe. Your “personal identification number card” should be kept for the rest of your life.

Extending your "Period of Stay"

-It is your responsibility to always keep your “resident card” with you, and also to check your “Period of Stay”.
-You can apply starting 3 months prior to your visa’s expiration date.
-Please refer to: How to extend your period of stay, below.

How to extend your Period of Stay

If you need to extend your “Period of Stay”, you must go to the immigration office for the extension of your visa. You can apply starting 3 months prior to your visa’s expiration date.

Necessary preparation / documents for those whose “Status of Residence” is “Professor”

  1. Application for the extension of period of stay
  2. Certificate of employment issued by TUFS
  3. Document to prove your annual income, or the receipt of your resident tax
  4. Passport
  5. Certificate of Alien Registration or Resident card
  6. 4000JPY for handling charge
  7. Certificate of payment of fee
    * You may be requested to bring other documents if necessary.
  8. Picture of yourself

Place to apply

Tachikawa Branch

3-31-2 Kita, Kunitachi-city, Tokyo 186-0001 立川法務総合庁舎 (Tachikawa-Houmu-Sogo-Chosya Building)
TEL: 042-528-7719
Opening hours: 9:00-16:00 Mon-Fri (Closed on Sat, Sun and National Holidays)

Immigration Office of Tokyo

5-5-30 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8255
TEL: 03-5796-7111
Opening Hours: 9:00-16:00 Mon-Fri (Closed on Sat, Sun and National Holidays)

4th Floor of Administration Building