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Useful Information

How to place your order to purchase books?

How to place your order to purchase goods?

[Please send your order by e-mail as following.]

E-mail To : Accounting Department, Purchasing Division <kaikei-chotatsukeiri[at]>
Title:(Personal Research Budget: Purchasing Goods Request) YOUR NAME

Hereby, I’d like to make an order for the following goods using my personal research fund.

  1. NAME:
  2. Where to be delivered: Research and Lecture Building 7th Floor, Room 70x
    *Goods can only be delivered within the university. They can be kept at the Accounting Department if you wish to pick  them up by yourself.
  3. Name of the fund:
  4. Contact person: Name (Internal call: xxxx)
  5. Name of the product: (example) Printer ink cartridge.
  6. Product information: (example) brother/ TN-33J
    (Please state the product manufacturer, type/color/product number etc.)
  7. Number of goods: (example) 1 pc
  8. Other information: (example) to be used for brother printer, HL-50 type

If you have any reference website, price, delivery date etc. please note.

Bank money transfer

You can ask at the post office to give you a guide book of “GUIDE TO INTERNATIONAL REMITTANCES” written in various languages.

As an option