About us

The group is organized by the students and alumni of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. Through photographs, we will convey the will of the people toward reconstruction of their severely damaged cites to the world. To appeal for the public consciousness and continued support, lest the disaster be forgotten, is our main purpose.

The effort has been continuously made in order to restore the infrastructure and the lives of those who were greatly hindered by the earthquake. Today, many people who had evacuated have returned, as immediate damage from the earthquake is no longer a constant threat. However, both relief supplies and the participation of volunteers are still needed in this region in order to restore it to its pre-earthquake state. In spite of this situation, the damage of the quake is starting to be forgotten outside the devastated area. Now it is time for us to receive the information people in Tohoku send to us to remind people there is still much work to be done in Tohoku. The purpose of our activity is “To introduce the will of the people living in Tohoku toward reconstruction to the world.” We decided to open a website (Tohoku10 × 26 Windows) and to hold a photo exhibition at UNESCO Paris headquarters on 11th March 2012. All the photographs used are borrowed from local people by the groups participating in activities in the area. The captions and the comments are given by the members of each group in order to convey their messages. Our aim is to bring the damaged area back into light, in order to gain increased sustainable support for the people of Tohoku.

What is “Tohoku 10×26 Windows”?

“Tohoku 10×26 windows” was created from the idea to introduce activities of 10 groups through their photographs in 26 languages of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Majors. We expect to have 10,000 visitors to the exhibition.

Tohoku Photo Exhibition

On March 11th 2012, a charity event of the Great East Japan Earthquake will be held at the headquarters of UNESCO. The event is consisted of a memorial concert and the photograph exhibition, which will be managed by our groups. We will not only exhibit photographs but also accept messages from visitors to the people in Tohoku area. The messages will be brought back to Japan, and will be delivered to people in Tohoku area to remind them they have not been forgotten in this truly difficult time.