The damage situation of 311 earthquake (2012/01/24)

The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred at 14:46 on March 11th. With the hypocenter 24km deep in the coast of Sanriku, the earthquake had a large scale magnitude of 9.0. Subsequently, the gigantic tsunami that came afterwards caused enormous damage, mainly hitting the Tohoku area. The following is the summary of the situation on disaster and support.

<Situation of the disaster>
(1) Human suffering: 15,845 dead/ 3,375 missing/ 5,894 injured.
(2) Damaged Buildings: Totally collapsed houses 128,479 / half collapsed 242,513, some parts broken 670,522

<The support of people>
(1) Evacuators
The number of people that evacuated: 337,819 people
# This includes the number of people that evacuated to their relatives’ homes, neighbours or council estates, and temporary built houses.
(2) Present situation of temporary built houses
・Number of emergency homes built or that are under construction:
52,620 (52,182 have been built)
・Number of government officials houses, council estates, etc. that are available:
62,969 houses (of which 18,070 are already being used)
(3) The present situation in supporting the effected: number of people that have been saved - 27,157 people

<Received support from abroad>
・ 163 countries, regions and institutions have expressed the intentions support. (general support, support in personnel resources and goods, and donation )

・ Reception of rescue teams and professional teams: from 29 countries, regions and institutions have sent teams in support. Of which one country professional team is currently working.
・ Received support supplies:
According to the government database, supplies have been received from 63 countries, regions, and institutions. Also, there have been donations received from 93 countries, regions and institutions (total amount of more than 175 hundred million yen).

<Safety of the foreigners in Japan >
・ Diplomats staying in Tokyo and personnel from international institutions were all confirmed safe, and the Korean Consulate General in Sendai City’s (the only diplomatic and consular office in the tohoku area) staffs were also seen to be safe.
・ JICA’s interns and foreigners that had come by a complimentary programme of Japan Foundation are confirmed safe.
・ Embassies in Tokyo and travelling agencies are working together on the research of safety of people in the Tohoku area.
・ The Foreign Ministry in Japan has set up a homepage on the earthquake (in Japanese and English) and from the 15th of March, information has also been given in Korean and Chinese.
・ In order to deal with the foreigners, six staffs (professional in Chinese) have been sent from the Foreign Ministry of Iwate and Miyagi Prefecture to the scene.
・ Each embassy in Japan is taking in the clients’ safety information and is summarizing them up and is also sharing the information.
・ A meeting will be held on the 22nd of March at 5pm to the embassies to explain the identification rules from now on.

(Reference: Cabinet office, Disaster headquarters)