Doctoral Dissertation

Doctoral Course

Academic Year 2019

Syntactic realizations and semantic features of German adjectives having event-arguments:From the perspective of the opposition of aspectual interpretations of events
GOCHI Sachiko
Elderly Care and The Modern Javanese Family:Social Dynamism of Ngancani(accompany)
Kathri Achchige Sandunika Hasangani
Virtual construction of the ethnic self: An analysis of the visual framing of in-/out- group perceptions (of Sinhalese) on social media in Sri Lanka(2009-2018)
Classical Chinese Literature and Literati in the Nara and Early Heian Periods
Classical Chinese Literature and Literati in the Nara and Early Heian Periods
KOGA Kentaro
Productive Formation of French Compound Nouns : A Morpho-syntactic Analysis Based on the Construction Morphology
A study of the consonant contrast in the Seoul dialect of Korean―The contrast system of the three phonation types of world-initial consonants―
Factor of occupation continuation of part-time teacher at Japanese language school―Focusing on career anchor(value of occupation seen by choice)―
Examining the Promotion of Learning and Construction of Social Capital for Children in Poverty : A Case Study of a Learning Support Program in Japan
The Current Condition of the Usage of Honorifics in the Javanese Language by Contemporary Youth
KIM Eunhye
A Contrastive study on the Korean and Japanese spatial nouns denoting the interior and exterior―A corpus-based analysis of the collocation―

Academic Year 2018

Thuzar Hlaing
Demonstratives in Modern Burmese―Deictic,context-referring deictic,and anaphoric expressions―
Zou Yi
Japanese War Memories and Sino-Japanese Relations from 1972 to 2017:Textbooks,Museums and The Debates over History
"The Acquisition of Postmodified Noun Phrases by Japanese Lower Secondary School Students: The Role of a Battery of Task-based Language Activities in the Comprehension of English Postmodified Noun Phrases"
Linguistics and Language Planning from the Viewpoint of the Uncountability of Languages:A Case of Minority Languages in Poland
A Study of Kim Saryang's Bilingual Literature:Focusing on His Japanese-and Korean-Language Works During the Colonial Period
A Semantic Study on the Spanish -dor/-nte Suffixes
SEMBA Nozomu
Topological Studies of the "Peace City" Hiroshima
Research on the power of the daimyō in mid-and late-Edo Japan
Corpus Pragmatics:Exploring Criterial Pragmalinguistic Features of Requestive Speech Acts Produced by Japanese Learners of English at Different Proficiency Levels
A contrastive study on the use of the address terms in Uzbek and Japanese
OKA Yoko
Temporal Transition on the Motivation and the Self Formation of Students at Japanese Language Schools:Using Ecpectancy―Value Theory
Government Procurement of Public Services in modern China
~With a focus on the functioning of the traditional “Bao” contract system~
Production and Perception of L2 Russian Voiceless Coronal Obstruents in Japanese Native Speakers
Longitudinal Case Study on Out-of-Class Extensive Reading in Japanese Language Education:
Focusing on the perspective of learner autonomy
HWANG Younsil
Noun Predicate Sentences in Modern Japanese
―The semantics and functions of “Adjective + Noun” predicate sentences―
A historical study of Tenjiku(天竺) recognition in Japan.
In Search of Universality in Painting
―Kitawaki Noboru and Japanese surrealism―
The process of formation of Qinghai Province and its meaning:
Division of "Tibet" and transition to "Chinalization"
Considering an effective Russian vocabulary learning method employing derivational affixes
―Based on linguistic analysis of frequency data from corpora―
LEE Kyutae
Changes in Korean students' roles as they develop their career:
a look through the framework of a life-span, life-space approach to career development
The dilettant in thought and art: metaphysical art of Alberto Savinio
Mohamed Fathy
A contrastive study of the adnominal Content Complex in Japanese and German
SATAKE Yoshiho
The Effects of Corpus Use on Error Correction and Error Identification in L2 Writing
Clitic Doubling of Objects in the Bulgarian Dialect spoken in Brӑneşti:
Language Contact and Grammaticalization
The kingship and the structure of Old Javanese society:
Analysis from Old Javanese inscriptions in the 9th and the early 10th centuries

Academic Year 2017

No. (Date) Name Title
No.246(2018.3.26) HASEGAWA Mizuho Social Change and Education in Nunavut, Canada
―A Case Study at Iqaluit―
No.245(2018.3.12) TAKAKI Kana Kazuya Sakai and Latin American “New Art”:
Migrations and Expressions of a Kikoku Nisei artist
No.244(2018.3.12) Rômulo da Silva Ehalt A Jesuits and the Problem of Slavery in Early Modern Japan
No.243(2018.3.12) Li Yuxia A Japanese-Chinese contrastive study of politeness via degree of intimacy
―from the perspective of Discourse Politeness Theory
No.242(2018.2.13) KOCHIYA Taichi Beer Riot and Craft License
―City, Trade-System, People in the early 19th century Munichi. ―
No.241(2018.2.13) MIYAZAKI Atsushi The Poetics of Jindřich Štyrský 1930's Czech Surrealism, Paintings, Photography, Collages and Poems
No.239(2017.11.1) TAIRA Kantaro Egyptian nationalism in the 20th century, as seen through the history of Arabic literature
No.238(2017.11.1) Li ZHANG Research on Expression of Potentiality in Modern Japanese
- The Case of Ichidan Verbs and Kahen Verb “Kuru” -
No.237(2017.9.6) Lin Wei Skills and Training Required for Museum Professionals in the Changing Environment Surrounding Museums
- Cases in the United Kingdom -
No.236(2017.9.6) SHIMAHARA Koichi Topic Introducing and Topic Developing of Japanese Native Speakers and Non-native Speakers in First Encounters of Contact Situation:Focused on Different Contact Experiences
No.235(2017.9.6) Jinjing Xu Italo Calvino in world literature-the reception in China and Japan.
Italo Calvino nella letteratura mondiale:la ricezione in Cina e in Giappone
No.233(2017.9.6) Ting Cui Syntax and Semantics of Preceding Objects in Chinese Resultative Constructions
No.232(2017.9.6) Li Dan A Study of Japanese “Word-Combinations” consisting of “N-ni” and Verb
No.231(2017.9.6) KIM Min A Study on the Construction of Adnominal Clause of Verbs in Modern Korean-The Aspect of Co-occurrence of the Adnominal Forms of Verbs and the Nouns-
No.230(2017.7.26) SUZUKI Yasuko Missionary schools to educate the Native American and their influence on the formation of native people's identity;
-A case study of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation-
No.229(2017.7.26) Jun Dong Won A Historical Study on the Formation Process of 'Korean Cultural Property'
-Establishment of Research and Formation of the Discourse on the Colonial Period "Korean Cultural Property"-
No.227(2017.5.24) Purna Bahadur Karki Post-war instability and Human Security in Nepal

Academic Year 2016

No. (Date) Name Title
No.226(2017.3.12) Imai Messina Laura Material Worlds: A Comparative Study on the Concept of Materiality in Ogawa Yōko's Works
No.225(2017.3.12) SATO Takayuki A Study of Revolutionary Presentation in the Works of B.Pilnyak, a Fellow Traveler Writer : A Blossom of Russian Culture in the Twilight of Civilizaion
No.224(2017.2.14) WARASHINA Chie Between Theology and Religious Studies :
an Interpretation of R.Ottos The Idea of the Holy
No.223(2017.1.18) HONG Sung Wook Interpretative Sociology of Japanese Social Business
―between Individuals and Organizations―
No.222(2017.1.18) Rekvig Gunnar The Nordic Peace
Approaches, Solutions, and Principles of Conflict Transformation
No.221(2016.12.7) SUZUKI Yuya Research on the Design and Construction Overview of the Palace of Soviet : the Architectural Monument under the Burden of the Megalomania for its own Image and of the Image of State
No.220(2016.10.5) Ekaterina Tsoy Linguistic behavior in collaborative work between three persons aimed at task solving: A contrastive study of Japanese and Russian
No.219(2016.9.7) AOI Hayato Aspects of Phonetic and Phonological Structure of the Miyako-Tarama variety of Southern Ryukyuan
No.218(2016.9.7) Cho Eunmi A Study of Japanese-languate literature by Chang Hyokcyu : Between Colonial Korea and Imperial Japan
No.217(2016.7.27) FUKUHARA Akira Decentralization and Rural Development of Post-Neoliberalism in Bolivia : The case of Achacachi, Department of La Paz
Narrative speech in Higuchi Ichiyō through translations
No.215(2016.5.25) Chuqun HUANG The Formation Process of Agricultural Policy in Modern Japan The Establishment of the Food Control System
No.214(2016.4.27) MATSUZAKI Takeshi Research into the Role of Dialog Recitation in the Foreign Language Classroom ―
Its Effectiveness in Facilitating Memorization and Formulaic Speech Production

Academic Year 2015

No. (Date) Name Title
No.213(2016.3.24) Mashkhurakhon Tukhtamirzaeva Social Transformation and Education in the modern Uzbekistan
No.212(2016.3.24) Bao Baohai The collective memory of Inner Mongolia of China
―A case study of Gada Meiren
No.211(2016.3.24) Nam Heejung A Study of Kenzaburo Oe and The Theme “Death and Revival“ in He's Works
No.210(2016.3.12) Wang Chagqing Mongolian Laws and Their Adaptation in Early Qing Period
--- With a Focus on the Shunzhi Era (1644-1661) ---
No.209(2016.3.12) ONDA Yoshinori The study of the participles of the Old Church Slavonic
(On the Basis of the Gospel texts)
No.208(2016.3.12) HONDA Yukari Creating a corpus-based educational word list for learners of Japanese
No.207(2016.2.9) Honglian Piao Market Economy in Modern China and the Reorganization of the“Good Mother” Discourse
――“80hou” Women with High Education Attainment who Work in Cities
No.206(2016.2.9) LU Chan A Study on Nakajima Atsushi――the Exploration and Representation about the Foreign Country――
No.205(2016.1.20) TORIGOE Shintaro The Portuguese Subjunctive and Its Acquisition by L2 Learners
No.204(2015.12.9) ISHII Sawa The Ending and the Ambiguity as the Literary Strategy in Italo Svevo's novel
No.203(2015.12.9) SHIBATA Mizue Transition of women's image in Italian literature of the 20th century: analysis of Moravia's female first-person narration
No.202(2015.10.7) TAKAHASHI Miho Argument Extension with lassen and free datives based on “HAVE”-relation between individuals and events: A case study of motion verbs in German
No.201(2015.9.9) Jasur Khikmatullaev The educational reform in Russian Turkestan in the early 20th century - Focusing on attempts of Jadid Intellectuals -
No.200(2015.9.9) OYANAGI Noboru Study on Japanese transitive and intransitive constructions based on a conceptualization of the two-party relationship between an entity and its location
No.199(2015.9.9) Golmohammadi Ali Modernization in Edo Japan and Qajar Iran (Structural and Cultural Preconditions)
No.198(2015.7.22) KONDO Nori French liaison in the end of the 17th century and beginning of the 18th century -Analysis based on the texts of Milleran (1694) and Vaudelin (1713,1715)
No.197(2015.6.24) UCHIMURA Shunta Historiographies in the Spanish Monarchy in the second half of the sixteenth century
No.196(2015.6.24) SAWAI Shiho Competing Narratives: an Islamic-writing group of Indonesian Domestic Workers in Hong Kong "Forum Lingkar Pena Hong Kong"

Academic Year 2014

No. (Date) Name Title
No.195(2015.3.26) YUSA Koko Contemporary Theories on Community and Metamorphosis of Art:from Representation to Exposition
No.194(2015.3.12) Jung, Hyun Aa A Study of Japan-Korea Comparison of ‘Discourse of Apology’ Between Friends ―Focused from the perspective of discourse politeness theory―
No.193(2015.3.12) OTA Yusuke Philosophy of the masses Study on Étienne Balibar's political thought
No.192(2015.2.18) WUYUNGAOWA The Inner Mongolian intellectuals in 1930s -their national consciousness and thoughts on nationalism in Manchukuo
No.191(2015.2.18) KOWATA Takahiro Washback Effects of University Entrance Examination Writing Tasks on Learning and Teaching
No.190 (2014.12.10) CHO KIEUN Korea Democratization movement of Mindan zainichi Korean ―‘division’ in ‘solidary’
No.189 (2014.9.10) Mohamed Omer Abdin The Impact of the Sudan's Intra-North Power Struggle on the North-South Conflict : Historical Analysis of Post-Independence National Regimes' approaches to Conflict Resolution     (summary is now in preparation)
No.188 (2014.9.10) Yan Gao Shichiro Fukazawa ―the Observation of Modernity from Vulgar Culture
No.187 (2014.9.10) Ko Kyoungmi Reseach about Causative Sentence in Modern Japanese ―The relationship between form and function of V-saseru in a sentence and the causative meanings―
No.186 (2014.9.10) ADEGAWA Nobuyoshi On the problem of a “correlation” between modal meaning and verbal aspects in modern Russian
―the analysis from examples of modal predicates of “possibility” with infinitive―
No.185 (2014.7.23) KONTA Ryohei Participation of the Urban Poor People in Social Movements : Institutionalization and Agency on the Housing Movements in São Paulo
No.184 (2014.6.25) KASUGA (SEKIMOTO) Noriko Weights and measures system in Vietnam during the Colonial period
―Its regional diversification and the situation of French rule―
No.183 (2014.5.21) Pilnam Han A Study on Possessive Expressions in Japanese and Korean

Academic Year 2013

No. (Date) Name Title
No.182 (2014.3.14) AKMATALIEVA JAKSHYLYK Auxiliary verbs which express “a maintenance state” in Kyrgyz language
Mainly on jat-, tur-, otur-,jür-
No.181 (2014.3.14) Shanshan Gu A Study of Japanese Kansi in the Early Heian Period
No.180 (2014.2.12) ZHU HAIYAN The Anti-Christian Movement of China in 1920's ―The Tangled Development of Enlightenment, Relief from the Fall, and Indigenous Church―
No.179 (2014.2.12) Zhang Zhiling A Study on Compound Verb s “~komu” ―from the viewpoint of a contrastive study with Chinese
No.178 (2014.1.22) SUZUKI Ayano A study of collocation acquisition in learners of Japanese, with a focus on the verb “suru”
No.177 (2014.1.22) CHATANI Yasuyo A Study of Modern Japanese Adverbs ―Degree, Evaluativity, Modality of "yohodo"―
No.176 (2013.11.6) Macias Hector Andres Privatization of Security in Colombia : Expanding the Concept of Militarization
No.175 (2013.11.6) SUGIYAMA Kaori Lexical Analysis on Learners' Oral Production of French
No.174 (2013.11.6) YOKOTA Sayaka The Dance of Futurism : Giannina Censi and Modern Dance
No.173 (2013.11.6) FUKUDA Sho ‘-de-liao’ and ‘-bu-liao’in Mandarin Chinese ―Potential and Modality―
No.172 (2013.10.9) Kim Bong-jung Japanese Passive of Animate-subject ―On the “affectivity” associated with the relevance between elements of passive sentence―
No.171 (2013.9.11) SHIMIZU Yumiko The Collection of the Popular Traditional Songs in the Nineteenth Century France and the Formation of the Local Consciousness : Between the Local and the National
No.170 (2013.7.24) Molly Desmond John An Unlikely Convergence : The Evolution of Disarmament Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR) Theory and Counterinsurgency (COIN) Doctrine
No.169(2013.6.26) KOKAKI Aya An Orientation and Transformation of Fethullah Gülen's Thoughts and Movement in Contemporary Turkey

Academic Year 2012

No. (Date) Name Title
No.168 (2013.3.27) TAKAHASHI Yasunori The Phonological Structure of Shanghai Tone Sandhi
No.167 (2013.3.27) MATSUYAMA Yohei 現代イスラーム法思想の概念的検討 ―ムスリム・マイノリティ法学がイスラーム法学に提起する問題を中心に―
No.166 (2013.3.14) HORIGUCHI Daiki Verbal prefixation in Latvian ―the linguistic activity of expressing space, time and emotion
No.164 (2012.12.12) KOKUBO Marie Pavese, Literature, and Cinema : New Perspectives on the American Myth
No.163 (2012.11.7) SHIMIZU Misato Colonial development and its conflicts with Taiwan society : Constructions of Chia-nan irrigation system and Sun-moom-lake hydroelectric power plant
No.162 (2012.10.10) ISHIDA Satoko La Poetica del ridere nella cultura italiana del Novecento:3 riflessioni sulle fisionomie del riso secondo Aldo Palazzeschi, Achille Campanile, Cesare Zavattini
No.161 (2012.9.12) HAN Jinzhu An analysis of "-garu"in Modern Japanese from the perspective of syntax and semantics - A comparative analysis with other third person affective expressions -
No.160 (2012.9.12) NOMURA Mariko Linguistic Variation in Japanese EFL Learners' Spoken and Written Language
No.159 (2012.9.12) IMAI Noriko The Effects of Implementing a Dictogloss After a Task Activity in Developing Practical English Abilities of Japanese Learners of English
No.158 (2012.9.12) YOSHIOKA Noboru A Reference Grammar of Eastern Burushaski
No.157(2012.7.25) KUSHIMOTO Hiroko Transformation of the culture of Islamic learning : Anthropological Analysis of Malay Muslim Society
No.156(2012.7.25) QU Ming Comparative Study on two types of Chinese speaking test : the group discussion test and the interview test
No.155(2012.6.27) Mongkedalai Study of the Transcription Rules of Chinese characters of Mongolian in the Secret History of the Mongols
No.154(2012.6.27) WATANABE Kazufumi An analysis of the poesy and literary theories of Fernando Pessoa
No.153(2012.5.23) YANAGIMURA Yu The phonetic and phonological structures and historical change of Lao tones

Academic Year 2011

No. (Date) Name Title
No.152(2012.3.26) MAJA VODOPIVEC On Possibility of the Postwar Knowledge -Continuities and Discontinuities in the Thought of Kato Shuichi
No.151(2012.3.26) KASHIWAZAKI Masanori Social Antagonism and the State: The Topology of the Political in Nicos Poulantzas
No.150(2012.3.15) BABA Wakana Life Support and the Family Norms in Modern Germany: With Special Reference to Hamburg from the 1880s to the 1920s
No.149(2012.3.15) Jihyun SUNG A Study of the Japanese Auxiliary verb ―A Description about the meaning and usage of "site-miru" "site-miseru" form
No.148(2011.12.14) KUDO Yoji Cohesive Features in the Writings of Japanese Learners of English
No.147(2011.12.14) Choung, Youngmi A Contrastive Study of japanese-Korean on an 「inviting act」 in Conversations between Friends ―from the perspective of Discourse politeness theory―
No.146(2011.11.9) SATO Yu Verbal Nouns and Nominalized Clauses in modern Japanese
No.145(2011.11.9) INOKAWA Mutsumi A Comparison of Writings with Different Settings ―Focusing mainly on the compositions written in the classroom and thoes written outside the classroom―
No.144(2011.10.12) KATSUHATA Fuyumi Revaluation of Khalid Muhammad Khalid in the modern Islamic reform thought
No.143(2011.10.12) SAKATA Haruna The Infinitive in Finnish: a usage-based account of the verbality and degree of dependency
No.142(2011.9.14) AKIYAMA Shinichi Corpus-based analyses of subject and predicate concord in Russian
No.141(2011.9.14) HAKUMURA Naoya Social history of the deaf based on communication types in Tsarist and early Soviet Russia: A study of social policies and their impact on the deaf community
No.140(2011.9.14) NARAN An anthropological study on the desertification of Inner Mongolia ―A case study of Qorchin sandy land
No.139(2011.9.14) KARASHIMA Hiroyoshi 衝突する未来―ポスト社会主義期におけるモンゴル国ヘンティー県ムルン郡の牧畜社会を事例として

Academic Year 2010

No. (Date) Name Title
No.138(2011.3.16) HURCHA A Study of Japanese Rule over Eastern Inner Mongolia(1932-1945) ―Focusing on the Structure and Process of Manchukuo's Policy towards the Mongols―
No.137(2011.3.16) Palacio,Fernando Diego State building in Myanmar under military guidance and the dilemma of national security and social welfare: motivations behind state budgetary allocations
No.136(2011.2.16) HAYASHI(Kibayashi) Rie A study of co-construction in Japanese native conversations and native-nonnative conversatiions ―from the perspective of Discourse politeness theory―
No.135(2010.12.15) FURUKAWA Akira Luxuriantly Thriving Revolution ―Andrei Platonov's Worldview in Works of the 1920's and 1930's―
No.134(2010.11.10) OHTSUKI Tadashi AKAMATSU Kaname's 'Gankou Keitai Ron' and its Development ― His Nagoya Period and The Perspectives of a Stage Theory of Economic Development
No.133(2010.10.13) Wang, Tsun-yen Taiwan's Political Opposition in the 1980s: A Study of "Controversy on Two Lines"
No.132(2010.9.15) sayed Ahmad Ratib,Muzafary Presidentialism in a Divided Society: Afghanistan2004-2009
No.131(2010.9.15) Jin Gang Modality in the Mongolian language: A descriptive study based on corpus data
No.130(2010.9.15) Sri Budi Lestari A Descriptive Study on Javanese Honorific System ―Focusing on the third person's referent honorifics―
No.129(2010.7.21) NAKAYAMA Kenichi A Descriptive Study on the Polysemous Words 'iku(to go)' and 'kuru(to come)' in Modern Japanese
No.128(2010.7.21) Elena Gregoria Chai Chin Fern Brides are still brides as they were? Marriage Rituals and Women in a Hakka Community in Sarawak, Malaysia
No.127(2010.6.23) Kim Kyoungsook Issues in Literature and Times of Osamu Dazai: Centered on the middle period
No.126(2010.5.19) SHIOYA, Momo Community and Ritual in Java

Academic Year 2009

No. (Date) Name Title
No.125(2010.3.17) AKINO Yuki Responsibilities of local authorities in the public provisioin of cultural services: A study based on analyses of the Frankfurtarian museum policies since 1970;
No.124(2010.3.17) DARWISHEH Housam Institutions, Electoral Politics, and Dynamics of Political Participation in Egypt(1952-2005)
No.123(2010.3.17) Seoyoung Choi A study on Inanimate subject causative sentences in modern Japanese
No.122(2010.3.17) RENQIN A study of the Integration Policies towards the Mongolian Ethnicity of the Chinese Communist Party, 1949-1966 ―Economic Integration and the Imposition of Socialist Ideology in Inner Mongolia
No.121(2010.3.17) Hiroaki Ito The Meaning of the Emergence of the Islamist group in the Era of İnönü in Turkey
No.120(2010.2.17) Misa Nakagami The publication control policy of Catherine Ⅱ: transformation of intellectual activities of literati aristocrats
No.119(2010.2.17) TOKITA Tomoko Simultaneous bilinguals' language use: Case of English and Japanese bilingual children in Canada
No.118(2010.1.20) MURATA Haruse Being a Writer in Africa : REading works of Bernard Dadie and Veronique Tadjo
No.117(2010.1.20) TAKAMURA Kazue Cognitive Map of Daily Border-Crossers: A Study of the Chinese Community on the East Coast of the Thai-Malaysian Borderland
No.116(2009.10.14) SAIJIRAHU Shamanism and Folk Medicine in Inner Mongolia ―Focusing on Shaman and Yasu Bariyači(Bonesetter) in Eastern Mongolian Community―
No.115(2009.9.16) Shengkai Zhang A Descriptive Study of Phonology and Grammar of Chinese Pingjiang Dialect
No.114(2009.9.16) Nobuhiro Fukushima Rules in the Land of Wizards ―Time in Poetry from Rio de Janeiro
No.113(2009.9.16) YANG IKMO The basic study related to the daimyo kaieki(attainder) in Edo period ―Attempt the reconsideration of the Tokugawa shogun's power―
No.112(2009.9.16) Shen YaMing Resultative Compound Verbs in Chinese ―From a Viewpoint of Comparative Analyses with Resultative Compound Verbs in Japanese and English Resultative Constructions
No.111(2009.5.20) Shiba, Ayako(Shiozawa, Ayako) "The System of Present-day Japanese Passive ―Describing the Meaning-Construction Types―"

Academic Year 2008

Academic Year 2007

No. (Date) Name Title
No.101(2008.3.17) KUBOTA Michio Research for Medical Inflation Mechanism in China: An Increase in Patient Copayment that Medical Care Reform and the Technological Progress Invited.
No.100(2008.2.20) SAITO Ayako Bamar Muslims ― The Concept of Citizens and Living Strategies of Muslims in Burma ―
No.99(2008.2.20) Thu Nandar Characteristics of Land-mortgage Contracts in the 18th- 19th- Century Myanmar Society: An Analysis based on Thet-kayits Manuscript
No.98(2008.2.20) ISHIGE Junko The meaning and uniqueness of composition education in second language acquisition
No.97(2008.2.20) YAMADA Shigechika Masks in Bassari society: ethnographical research on masks and the discourse about them
No.96(2008.1.23) HARA Mayuko Balinese-Indonesian Codemixing
No.95(2007.11.28) Tekka NIN the Freedom and People's Right Movement and the school Education
No.94(2007.11.28) HOZAKI Noriko Catalan Characteristics Observed in 5 Novels Written by Montserrat Roig: Goodbye, Ramona, A Time for Cherries, The Violet Hour, The Everyday Opera and The Melodious Voice
No.93(2007.9.19) XIE Yun An examination for interpersonal communicative features from a comparative research regarding requests in Japanese and Chinese conversations between college students.
No.92(2007.9.19) U・Monggungerel The research of naiman dialect
No.91(2007.9.19) YAMAZAKI Naoya Education and National Identity in Postwar Taiwan: The Continuity and Discontinuity of Taiwan's Education in junior high school
No.90(2007.7.25) UTO Yayoi Research on G.S.Skovoroda and P.D.Yurkevich as Two Philosophers-Believers in Modern Russia ―For the Restructuring of the History of Russian Philosophy―
No.89(2007.6.27) ITO(Tokita) Itsuko Double object construction with an "inanimate dative" ―In comparison to the construction with an "animate dative"―
No.88(2007.6.27) Minkyeong Kang "Change of State Verbs" in the German Language ― centering on "causative-inchoative alternation" ―
No.87(2007.6.27) Lin Hung Ying A phonological study of Southern Min in Taiwan, focusity on its Wu-chi dailect.
No.86(2007.6.27) INOUE Sayuri The Formation of Genre in Burmese Classical Song ― with Special Reference to U Sa's Creation between the 18th and the 19th Centuries ―
No.85(2007.6.27) HIGAKI Mari Birth And Development Of Swahili Taarab Songs In Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Academic Year 2006

No. (Date) Name Title
No.84 (2007.3.15) SUYAMA Daiichiro A poetics of Seeing―On Problems of Visuality in Baudelaires's Petits poemes en prose
No.83 (2007.2.21) GUMISAWA Hideo On the Thought of‘Gotong royong’: An Insight into Indonesian Nationalism
No.82 (2007.2.21) UZAWA Hiroshi A Study on Sentence Patterns in Malay
No.81 (2007.2.21) KOMATSUBARA Yuri The Possibility of Photomontage―Berlin Dada's focus on the Development of Raoul hausmann's Work
No.80 (2007.1.24) NOHIRA Munehiro An introduction to the Study of Pham Cong Thien
No.79 (2006.12.20) NAGANUMA Naoyuki Development of Diagnostic scale of Language Learning Motivation
No.78 (2006.9.20) KAMIYA Tosirou A Descriptive Study of the Bhaca Language
No.77 (2006.9.20) HUSEL Policies of the Chinese Communist Party and the Kuomintang towards Inner Mongolia(1945-49)―Centered on Interaction with Inner Mongolian Nationalist Movements
No.76 (2006.9.20) LEE Kyong-bo A Study of the Japanese Auxiliary Verb―focusing on the form V-tearu
No.75 (2006.7.26) YUKI Saori Morphology and phonology of written Manchu : In Classical Manchu Jin Ping Mei
No.74 (2006.7.26) KOGA Kyoko A Descriptive Study of the Asante Dialect of Akan, In Particular Focus on its Phonology
No.73 (2006.6.28) HANAMOTO Tomoko 夢幻的な論理―アントニオ・タブッキの物語宇宙
No.72 (2006.6.28) KIM Song-lan Propaganda for People's Mobilization by the Vietnam Labor Party during the Vietnam War―A theoretical study of propaganda messages of photographs in Nhan Dan, the party's official newspaper―
No.71 (2006.5.31) NAKAMURA Takayuki Edouard Glissant, Poetics of “Anti-History”
No.70 (2006.4.26) ODAWARA Rin The Ethical Practice of Intellectuals in Liberal Italy : Through the Development of Arguments on the“Social Problems”

Academic Year 2005

No. (Date) Name Title
No.69 (2006.3.15) PAN Xiurong Zhou Zuoren and classical Japanese Literature : An examination of his translations of classical Japanese literature in the 1920s.
No.68 (2006.3.15) TAKAHASHI Yuichi A study on the adnominal clause constructions in Japanese
No.67 (2006.3.27) MA Jing A Study on Jitsugyo no Nihon sha Ltd.―the Prologue to a Study of History of Magazines in Modern Japan―
No.66 (2006.2.8) ABE Yuko A Descriptive Study of Bende phonology and Morphology(Bantu F.12,Tanzania)
No.65 (2006.2.8) YI Kyong-suk The Acoustic Study on Japanese Geminate Production within Speech Rates
No.64 (2006.1.25) KIM Jina Sentence End Structure of Japanese and Korean in Discourse
No.63 (2006.1.25) JIN Zhong Poetics of “evening twilight”in Japanese classical waka poetry : A study in comparative literature based on the Hachidaishū
No.62 (2005.12.14) YANG Sunyoung The Movement for Abolishing Licensed Prostitution : The Activities of the Japan Woman's Christian Temperance Union
No.61 (2005.12.14) FUKUOKA Yujiro Pierre Boulez : Aesthetics of Serialism
No.60 (2005.11.9) YAMAMOTO Akiyo Anthropology of Gender and Social Change : In the Case of a Rural Village of the Huasteca in Mexico
No.59 (2005.10.19) YAZU Norie Official Languages Policy in Canada : Language Choice of Bilingual Public Servants
No.58 (2005.9.21) KIBE Takashi The Project of a“Philosophy of Language and Culture”in Gustav Shpet
No.57 (2005.6.22) LIN Sze-ming Modern Japan's Southern Expansionism : Focusing on Taiwan Government-General

Academic Year 2004

Academic Year 2003

Academic Year 2002

Academic Year 2001

Academic Year 2000

No. (Date) Name Title
No.24 (2001.3.27) UCHIDA Yoko Perception of English Syllable-Initial Consonants by Japanese Listeners
No.23 (2001.3.27) LEE Sun-yi The Establishment and Development of Feminism In China ―Through the Writings of Ding Ling―
No.21 (2000.6.21) PARK Min Young The Sematics and Function of Compound Verbs Denoting Inchoative Aktionsart in Modern Japanese : -hazimeru,-desu,-kakeru
No.20 (2000.6.21) KOSAKA Ryuichi A Descriptive Study of the Lachi Language―syntactic description, historical reconstruction and genetic relation―
No.19 (2000.6.21) SUGIYAMA Shoko Opinions on National Development and the 1932 Revolution in Siam
No.18 (2000.6.21) PENG Xi Studies of Sheng Xuanhuai's business Activity

Academic Year 1999

Academic Year 1998

No. (Date) Name Title
No.12 (1999.3.26) SAKAEDANI Haruko Meanings and Functions of (In)definiteness in Arabic
No.11 (1999.3.26) KAKIZAKI Ichiro Thai Railways and the Formation of Bangkok Centered Economic Sphere,1897-1941
No.10 (1998.10.7) HAYASHI Midori Cultural Contact and Appropriation―Politics of Discourse in the Modernization of Argentina―
No.9 (1998.4.22) Soysuda Naranong A Study of Final Particles“yo”,“ne”and“yone”in Japanese Sentences for teaching―Using Examples Mainly from“Hirari”Scenario―

Academic Year 1997

Academic Year 1996

Academic Year 1995

Academic Year 1994

Doctoral Dissertation

No. (Date) Name Title
No.25(2018.12.5) HARA Motoaki The Divine Comedy and the Appearance of Individual
No.24(2017.12.6) FUKIHARA Yutaka A Research on Japanese Language Acquisition in Migrant Workers: A Survey into a Certain Indonesian Community
No.23(2017.9.6) MURAKAMI Naohisa A Proposal for Strengthening Optimum Currency Area Theories by Drawing Lessons from the Eurozone Crisis
No.22(2013.7.24) TAKEDA Chika A Study of Cultural Representation on the Literature of Machado de Assis.
No.21(2013.6.26) BABA Ryoji The background against which João Rodriguez has written ARTE GRANDE and its analysis.
No.20(2013.3.14) TAKAGAKI Toshihiro Event Structure and Passive Constructions in Spanish
No.19(2013.1.23) HIRUMA Yoichi An Ethnography of a Village in Vietnam ― Social relations and religious cults reflected by the Village Regulations.
No.18(2013.1.23) SAKUMA Yutaka An ethnographic study on the process of schism/creation in administrative villeges of western Niger's rural Songhai society at the turn of the 21st century.
No.17(2013.1.23) GUITA GEORGES HOURANI "Does Naturalization Matter?":Socioeconomic Mobility and Political Participation of the Kurds in Lebanon.
No.16(2011.6.22) MATSUHISA Reiko Revalation of the Khalid Muhammad Khalid in the modern Islamic reform thought
No.15(2010.5.19) CHO KYONG Hee Social Works and popular rule in Imperial Japan and Colonial Korea : The Paradox of "relief" and "Public Order"
No.14(2008.2.20) OTSUKA Sunao The Theater of Botho Strauss ―Anthropology in the Media Age―
No.13(2008.2.20) MIYAWAKI Junko Nomadic Kingship after the Mongol Empire : The Rivalry of the Mongols and Oyirads and their Religious Conversion to the Tibetan Buddhism
No.12(2007.9.19) Damrinjab The Study of Mongolian Heroic Tales
No.11 (2006.3.15) WATANABE Yuko Protestant Missions in Modern China Resistance and Acceptance
No.10 (2006.1.25) KOMAKI Sachiyo Anthropological Approach to the Sayyads of North Indian Muslim Society
No.9 (2005.7.27) TACHIBANA Kenichi An ethnic group named“Citizen”A study on the symbolic world re-constructed based on four stranger representation and ethnic self-images among Prajas in Nepal
No.8 (2004.3.18) KASAI Hirotaka Decolonizing Democracy:Globalization and the Politics of Borders/Boundaries
No.7 (2004.3.18) TOMOTSUNE Tsutomu Mono, Koto, Kotoba―the Topos of Phantasma in Kokugaku Thoughts
No.6 (2003.7.23) YANAGIHARA Takaatsu Rhetoric of Latinamericanism
No.5 (2001.12.19) ARA Konomi The American Ethos in African American Literature
No.4 (2001.1.24) MIZUBAYASHI Akira The civilisation process and literary writing 1st part:A will for happiness 2nd part:Dom Juan's burial―History and society in Moliere's Dom Juan
No.3 (1999.12.15) SAWAI Shigeo A study of the wisdom and magic in the Renaissance
No.2 (1999.3.10) IMAZAWA Koji Kemalpaşazâde Tarihi (The History of Kemal-paşazâde), vol.4:Study and Critical Edition
No.1 (1997.11.12) TIO Sun Bun 結合価文法論考