Access to the campus premises will be restricted during the 2020 National Center Test for University Admissions

The 2020 National Center Test is scheduled for January 18 (Sat) and 19 (Sun). Access to the Research and Lecture Bldg. and the 2nd floor of the Administration Bldg. will be restricted between January 17 (Fri) and 19 (Sun).
Those who, other than TUFS staff, need to enter these buildings during the specified period must present an "Entrance Permit."
If you need to obtain the permit, please download the form from the link below and submit it to the Admission Section of the Admission Division on or before January 6 (Mon).

Only TUFS staff and the persons with the Entrance Permit are allowed to enter the restricted buildings during the specified period. Special attention should be paid not to draw students to these buildings. (E.g., please avoid inviting students to your office or instructing them to submit a report during the said period.)