OGASAWARA, Yoshiyuki
Professor emeritus, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

This page provides papers and comments on the Taiwanese politics, the Presidential Elections in Taiwan, and Taiwan-China relations.

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Mt.Fuji (September 5, 2014)
What does "Taiwan independence" mean?
My article on Taiwan Independence was carried on ThinkChina , Jun 12, 2023
This is the subject that you may know but may not know much about. Hope you will find some implications of it.

Lessons from the "Nikkei" Taiwan Debacle: A Call for Informed, Conscientious Reporting
In March 2023, Nikkei's Taiwan special reports ignited a firestorm in Taiwan. I sorted out the criticism against Nikkei and pointed out three traps which Japan's Taiwan watchers are rather easily to fall in. Hope Japanese media will play more positive role in providing accurate coverage of Taiwan.

"Skepticism about the U.S." Spreading in Taiwan
My article was carried on Discuss Japan - Japan Foreign Policy Forum , Mar 14, 2023
I discussed how "skepticism about the U.S." had increased in Taiwan at the end of 2023, why it increased, and how it would affect Taiwan's presidential election in 2024.
Shorter version was carried on ThinkChina

The Formation of the "2021 Arrangement" regarding Taiwan
My article was carried on Nakasone Peace Institute , Feb 3, 2022
The year 2021 was a year of major shifts in international politics surrounding Taiwan. The series of developments surrounding Taiwan seem to have changed the framework of the "1972 arrangement," which had lasted for 50 years. The new framework could be called the "2021 arrangement."

Japanese academic: Taiwan's national referendum vote shows democracy at work
My article was carried on the Singaporean media.
ThinkChina , Dec 27, 2021

The recent developments in Japan-US-China relations concerning Taiwan
Here is the summary of my recent lecture regarding Taiwan.
The Council on East Asian Community , Aug 6, 2021

Dawn of a New Era in Taiwan Policy: Restructuring the "1972 Arrangement"
My article on the Japan-US joint statement regarding Taiwan.
nippon.com , May 21, 2021

The Pratas Islands: A New Flashpoint in the South China Sea These unremarkable features could be the center of the next Taiwan Strait Crisis
THE DIPLOMAT , December 10, 2020

Taiwan's 2020 Presidential Elections: Incumbent Tsai Ing-wen has enjoyed a resurgence in support. Here's why.
THE DIPLOMAT , December 12, 2019

The Tsai Administration, Local Elections and China-Taiwan Relations: Upcoming local elections in Taiwan will have regional significance
THE DIPLOMAT , June 11, 2018

Ma Ying-jeou's Doctoral Thesis and Its Impact on the Japan-Taiwan Fisheries Negotiations
Journal of Contemporay East Asia Studies , Vol.4, 2015 -Issue 2, pp.67-92
Past Comments

Past Papers & Comments
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Comments on 2004 Presidential Election in Taiwan aired by NHK World Radio Japan (23rd March 2004)
Comments on 2004 Presidential Election in Taiwan aired by NHK World Radio Japan (23rd February 2004)
Taiwanese Politics "Taiwanese Identity and the 'One China Principle': Policies of the Lee Teng-hui Administration towards China" (March 2001)
"Lee Teng-hui Administration and Taiwanese Nationalism" (December 1998)
"Constitutional Reform and Democratization in Taiwan" (December 1998)