OGASAWARA, Yoshiyuki

Lecturer (1991-1994)
Associate Professor (1994-2020)
Professor (2020- )
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Graduate School of Global Studies,
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Asahi-cho 3-11-1, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo 183-8534, Japan

e-mail address

M.A. (Hitotsubashi University, 1983)
Ph.D. (Hitotsubashi University, 1986)

Field of Study
Taiwanese Politics
China-Taiwan Relations
Politics of East Asia
Comparative Politics

Study Abroad
University of Sheffield, UK (Oct1981-Jun1982)
University of Kent at Canterbury, UK (Sep1984-Jun1985)
University of Sheffield, UK (Mar1988-May1989)
National Chengchi University, Taiwan (Apr1994-Mar1995)
National Chengchi University, Taiwan (Apr1999-Mar2000)

Main Publications
  • Presidential Elections in Taiwan, Koyoshobo (Kyoto), 2019.
  • "Ma Ying-jeou's Doctoral Thesis and Its Impact on the Japan-Taiwan Fisheries Negotiations," The Journal of Contemporary China Studies, Vol.4/No.2, 2015, pp.67-92
  • "China-Taiwan Relations: Taiwanese Identity and 'One China Principle'," in Srikanth Kondapalli and Emi Mifune eds., China and its Neighbours, Pentagon Press (New Delhi), 2010, pp.48-85.

Received the Asia Pacific Award and the Kashiyama Junzo Award in 2020.