• You can download Stanford Parser from here

Installation of GUI tools

Installation on Windows

  1. Install java first
  2. double click on "lexparser-gui.bat"

Installation on Mac

  1. Install java fist
  2. right click on "lexparser-gui.command" and select "open with"

How to run the parser on Java Interface

  • When the GUI window is open, press "Load File" and choose your data file.
  • Then you should press "Load Parser" button
 height=40, width=80
  • Here, you should choose "*models.jar" file
  • Then another list of files will open in the pop-up window "jar file choose", so you should choose "englishPCFG.ser.gz"
  • When you load the file and press "parse", you can see the parsed tree on the GUI interface as below:

How to parse multiple files

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