Sketch Engine のユーザーグループのメモ

there's no documentation to User groups but using it straightforward. You create a new group by clicking on the "Create new user group" link. Then you need to name your group and you can add users. To add a user to the group, you first need to locate their account. You do this by entering a pattern. The patterns are matched against users' usernames, names and e-mail addresses. The matching records are displayed as you type. Once you find the user that you want to add you simply check the checkbox at the name and you can enter another pattern to find another user. Once you are happy with the list of users you click on "OK" and the group is created.

By using user groups you can assign privileges to groups of users rather than to individual users. For instance, if you create two or more corpora which you want to share with all your students, you can create a user group for your students and set read access to the corpora for the group (by using the "Access privileges" link in the sidebar after opening a corpus). This is much easier than having to locate all the students' user accounts anytime you want to share a new corpus with your students. Also, if you get a new student you can just add it to the group and they automatically get access to the shared corpora.

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