Primary variables:

  • Directions of translation (TRNSDIR):
    • decoding (Dc) vs. encoding (Ec)
  • Dictionary types (DICTYPE):
    • monolingual vs. bilingual
  • Types of information to be searched for (INFTYPE):
    • word senses (DEF)
    • examples (EX)
    • collocation (COL)
    • grammatical codes (GR)
  • Types of interface
    • signposts (SP)
    • menu(MENU)

Variables of secondary interest:

  • Proficiency levels of the users

Research questions

  • Description of the reading comprehension process using ED and PD in a natural setting
  • H1: PD takes longer in looking-up than ED
  • H2: ED is more frequently consulted than PD
  • Description of eye movements while reading the dictionary entry
  • [+signpost] vs [-signpost]: make-runonex-code vs. make-signpost-runonex-code

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