David Wible workshop

Central problem

  • What do learners need to master in order to master a word?
    • phraseological challenge for learners
      • single words vs. multi-word units
    • tokens don't flag themselves as tokens of WHAT
      • frozen expressoin <---> compositional expression
      • idiom principle <---> open choice principle
    • partially productive lexico-grammatical patterns
      • collocation/colligation/constructions

How corpora can help

  • Collocation Explorer (Taiwan): two-word collocation
  • N-gram
    • every n-word adjacent pairs
  • StringNet? structure
    • n-grams: the syntagmatic dimension of company that words keep
      • e.g. haven't the foggist idea
    • hybrid n-grams:
      • e.g. haven't (got) the ADJ idea


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