言語教育学演習 2020

  • Analysing Learner Language Using Corpora: Applications in Materials Design and Development

授業の目標 Course objectives

  • become familiar with the basic concepts of corpus compilation and corpus use
  • consider their own strategies for using corpora for language study and language learning
  • be exposed to various related fields in the application of corpora in applied linguistics
  • be able to process the texts, analyze the data to answer your research questions

授業計画 Class schedule

ALH1Survey of available corpora
ALH2DIY corpora presentation
1Introduction to Corpus Linguistics
2History of corpus development
3Balance, representativeness, and sampling
4Available corpora
5Corpus and Applied Linguistics
6Case Study 1: Applications in lexicography
7Case Study 2: Applications in grammar studies
8Case Study 3: Applications in SLA
9Case Study 4: Applications in ELT and materials design
10Corpora and CEFR (1): What is the CEFR?
11Corpora and CEFR (2): English Profile
12Corpora and CEFR (3): error tagging
13Corpora and CEFR (4): criterial feature extraction
Corpora and CEFr (5): automated scoring
Active learning (1):
Active learning (2):

授業の進め方 Procedure

  • We use Moodle for accessing reading materials and assignments.
  • You should work on comprehension questions after reading each chapter.
  • Xiaolin, TA, will do the tutorials for corpus tools.

テキスト Textbook

  • McEnery?, T., Xiao, R., and Tono, Y. (2006) Corpus-Based Language Studies: An Advanced Resource Book. London: Routledge.
  • We will use the online version of this book, by courtesy of Lancaster University.

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