Recent Issues in Learner Corpus Research (LCR)

  • Instructor: Professor Yukio Tono (PhD, Lancaster University) ; Office 632
  • Period 2, Tuesday
  • Room: 206

Course objectives

At the end of the course:

  • You will be able to
    • have basic knowledge of learner corpora regarding:
      • design criteria
      • data collection methods
      • text processing & formatting
      • annotation
    • read the latest research papers in this field
    • discuss the followings:
      • central issues in LCR
      • methodological issues
      • pedagogical implications
    • connect LCR findings to your own interest in ELT or SLA research
    • read scientific papers critically
    • discuss basic issues in English
    • write a report on the paper you read in English
    • present a report on the paper you read in English, using Power Point


There is no textbook, but those who attend will be encouraged to read the followings for basic reading:

  • Granger, S. (1998) Learner English on Computer. Addison Wesley Longman.
  • Granger, S., Hung, J. and Petch-Tyson, S. (Eds.). Computer Learner Corpora, Second Language Acquisition and Foreign Language Teaching. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
  • 投野由紀夫「学習者コーパスー英語習得プロセスの記述と語彙指導」英語教育学大系第8巻「英語研究と英語教育」(岡田伸夫・南出康世・梅咲敦子編)pp.137-154.


  • You will be required to read two papers in each class. One of you will be presenting a summary in English, using Power Point, just as you will present a conference paper. The other students will ask questions about the paper, and the reporter is supposed to answer the questions as if he or she were the author of the paper.
  • Then we have general discussions led by the reporter. You will be making comments freely, asking additional, more general or specific questions about the issue.
  • Each presentation will last for 15 minutes, followed by 10 minutes' Q & A, followed by 10 min general discussion.
  • All the activities will be done in English.


  • The selection of papers will be done primarily by the instructor. The papers will be provided in PDF on this site, so you will be asked to make your own copy.


  • 10/4
    • Course orientation
    • General introduction on LCR (Y.Tono) PDF
  • 10/18
    • General review:
      • Granger (2009) PDF:
      • HISAYASU
      • MURAKAMI
  • 11/1
    • デンマークに出張
  • 1/17 CEFR-related LCR (1)
  • 1/24 Special lecture by Huaqing Hong
  • 1/31 CEFR-related LCR (2)
  • Hulstijn (2010)

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