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ISEP-TUFS : International Student Exchange Program of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

The purpose of ISEPTUFS is to provide international students with the opportunity to study in Japan, to gain proficiency in the Japanese Language, and to acquire a firm understanding of the international community and Japan's place in it. By studying alongside with other international, as well as Japanese students, participants in the ISEPTUFS Program gain a great deal of experience in international communication and cultural exchange. Each year, ISEPTUFS accepts around 80 international students (including both Spring and Autumn Entry Students), the majority of which spend a full year at TUFS enrolled in one of two courses or tracks - the Japanese Studies Course and the International Studies Course. On successful completion of the course and credit requirements of the Program, students receive a Program Completion Certificate, and in most cases can transfer their credits back to their home universities. Please follow the links below for further information about ISEPTUFS.

Eligibility Requirements

The specific eligibility requirements for applicants to ISEPTUFS are as follows:

A) Applicants must possess sufficient proficiency in the English language to study at the undergraduate level. This proficiency must be demonstrated by submission of a score report for an internationally-accepted English Proficiency Examination, such as the TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge CAE or CPE exam. Minimum scores are as follows: TOEFL - PBT530 (CBT197, iBT71), IELTS - 6.0, Cambridge CAE - Grade C, and Cambridge CPE - Grade C. Although no prior knowledge of Japanese is required, applicants are encouraged to study at least basic Japanese before coming to Japan.
B) Applicants must be in good physical and mental health at the time of application.
C) Application is made through the following three ways.


Most ISEPTUFS students study at TUFS for a full year, though some students opt to stay here for only a single semester. Students can also choose to begin their studies in either the Spring (April Entry) or Autumn (October Entry) Semesters.

Course and Credit Requirements

Course Details

Japanese Language Classes

Introductory Japanese (100) 10 classes/week, 10 credits
Beginning Japanese (200) 10 classes/week, 10 credits
Beginning-Intermediate Japanese (301) 5 classes/week, 5 credits
Intermediate Japanese (401) 5 classes/week, 5 credits
Intermediate-Advanced Japanese (501) 5 classes/week, 5 credits
Advanced Japanese (601) 3 classes/week, 3 credits
Advanced Japanese (701) 2 classes/week, 2 credits

In addition to the main classes offered at each level listed above, 4-6 Supplementary Classes are also offered at each level for levels 400 and above in areas such as Grammar, Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Kanji, Pronunciation, and other special topics for advanced learners. These classes meet once per week and are worth 1 credit each.

ISEP Elective Classes

Most ISEPTUFS classes are conducted in English, meet once a week, and are worth 2 credits.

Program Completion Certificate

Students need to fulfill the following conditions to complete the ISEPTUFS program.

  1. Attend two semesters at TUFS.
  2. Obtain 12 credits from the subject lists of the International Studies Course or the Japan Studies Course.
  3. Obtain 8 credits from the subjects offered for undergraduate students or for Japanese Language Program at Japanese Language Center for International Students.
  4. Obtain 20 credits in total from points 2 & 3 given above.
    - Students can attain/obtain more than 20 credits. All the subjects taken will appear on the result sheet/ grade transcript.
    - Please note that language subjects are one credit each.

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