COIL-type Classes for the Winter Semester/冬学期のCOIL型授業のご案内


This is the announcement of the COIL-type classes with US partner universities held this winter semester.
This academic year is the final year of the COIL project "Trans-Pacific Collaborative Online International Learning for the Multiculturalism and Conflict-Resilience (TP-COIL)". The following classes will be offered in the winter semester, and we would like to inform you that this will be the last opportunity to take part in these classes as the project comes to an end. Registration for the winter semester will be up to Tuesday, January 17.
We are very much looking forward to your participation!


[COIL] Designing the Peace: Japan’s Policy on Human Security and Global Affairs (平和をデザインする:日本流の「人間の安全保障」とグローバルな紛争)
吉崎 知典 (YOSHIZAKI Tomonori)
February 15, 16 and 17

This class helps you understand the human security and US-Japan alliance through the policy simulation activities based on the solid lectures by the specialist at National Institute for Defense Studies, Japan.

[COIL] Peace Communication: How to design “peace”
伊藤 剛 (ITO Takeshi), 福田 彩 (FUKUDA Aya), 伊勢崎 賢治 (ISEZAKI Kenji)
February 9, 10, 13 and 14

This class provides the opportunity to learn about peace communication, media literacy and propaganda by participatory activities such as workshops and gaming.
(本学大学院Peace and Conflict Studiesで10年以上、プロパガンダを考えながらピース・コミュニケーションについて教えている、デザイン・コンサルティング会社を率いる伊藤先生の授業です。戦争が拡大していく流れを、ゲームの中で体感する機会もあります。)