CiNiiとPrometheusの連携 / Cooperation between CiNii and Prometheus

現在Prometheusに登録されている本学紀要論文については、CiNiiから検索ができるとともに、検索結果に表示される「IRFree FullText」ボタンをクリックすると、Prometheusの画面へ遷移するようになっています。
「IRFree FullText」はアクセス制限がありませんので、24時間どの端末からでもご利用いただけます。

Cinii is now developing linkes with repositories* provided by other institutions, and Prometheus-Academic Collections of our university (Prometheus) has begun cooperation with it.
Articles in Prometheus are available for the CiNii search, and their text files are also available.
You can browse the files from the “IRFree Full Text” link on the search result screen.
You can check whether the whole text of an article is available or not by the CiNii search.
You can access the file at any time from any terminal, since its access is unrestricted.
※The cooperated data are revised periodically. Search Prometheus directly to check the latest information.
* Institutional repository is the electronic archive sysytem for preserving and publishing academic achievements in electronic form.
Academic achievemens of our university are registered in Prometheus-Academic Collections (Prometheus).