Global Liberal Arts Program

What is the Global Liberal Arts Program?

The “Global Liberal Arts Program” is a syllabus common to both undergraduate schools, and is designed to give students the foundation they need to live and work as professionals or citizens in the global era. All students study this common curriculum in their first and second years irrespective of whether they belong to the School of Language and Culture Studies or the School of International and Area Studies. The Program consists mainly of five courses: “Area Language Studies” and “Basic Area Studies” to study the basics of the area and language chosen by the students at the time of matriculation; “English” to study English as the standard global language; “Foreign Languages” to study major languages of the world as part of one’s general education; “Basic Seminars” and “Academic Literacy,” which enable students to cultivate the academic skills needed to pursue specialized research in their third and fourth years; and “Global Liberal Arts” to help enrich students’ knowledge in the humanities and social sciences, which is an indispensable element of education for professionals who will one day work in international business.