ACADEMIC PUBLISHING WORKSHOP Advice on publishing in English for academics, early career researchers, and PhD students


17 November 2023 (Fri.) 17:00–19:00


Room 422 (Research and Lecture Building)

Language: English

Admission: Free

Why attend?

Due to increasing demand to publish internationally in English, many scholars find themselves encountering unforeseen professional challenges. While English is an international language, there are still many cultural differences in communication and varying academic expectations across the broad spectrum of English-language publishers across the globe. This workshop will help scholars at any stage of their career begin to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for selecting and approaching appropriate academic journals and book publishers to manage their time and career effectively. Topics will include: author responsibilities and publisher services; managing the peer-review process; open access publishing; and avoiding predatory journals, publishers, and conferences.

Who are the experts?

  • Dr Christopher Gerteis
    (The University of Tokyo & School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)
    Academic Editor and Associate Professor Executive Editor – International Journal of Asian Studies Founding Series Editor – SOAS Studies in Modern & Contemporary Japan Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia - International Publishing Initiative The University of Tokyo
  • Jennifer E. Anderson, MSc
    Publishing Consultant

Organised by:

Gender Equality Committee & Institute of Japan Studies


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