International Students at TUFS

TUFS has actively accepted students with diverse cultural backgrounds from all over the world to train professionals with global perspectives who are knowledgeable in languages, cultures, and societies of various regions


Degree Program


TUFS has three undergraduate programs, the School of Language and Culture Studies, the School of International and Area Studies and the School of Japan Studies. Of the international students at the School of Japan Studies, 30 enrolled after passing the domestic entrance examinations, while another 10 applied from overseas through the pre-arrival admissions program. They study together with Japanese students.


There are a total of 252 international students enrolled in the programs offered by the Graduate School of Global Studies. Classes are primarily conducted in Japanese, but all the lectures in the Peace and Conflict Studies and International Cooperation Studies programs are conducted in English.

Non-degree Program

Exchange Students:

The International Student Exchange Program (ISEP-TUFS) is designed for inbound international exchange students. It provides them with the opportunity to acquire a firm understanding of Japanese culture and to deepen their perspectives on current international issues at an academic level.

Research Students:

These are either MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Japanese Government) scholarship students or self-funded students enrolled in TUFS undergraduate, graduate or Japanese Language Center (JLC) programs to conduct research on specific topics, as well as study the Japanese language and related areas of specialization.

Japanese Studies Students (Nikkensei):

These are MEXT scholarship students studying the language, education and culture of Japan.

Teacher Training Students:

Teacher Training Students are educators in elementary and secondary schools in their home countries. They are enrolled in JLC as MEXT scholarship students for advanced training in Japanese language education.

Pre-undergraduate Students:

These are MEXT scholarship students undergoing preparatory training prior to entering undergraduate programs in Japan. Their study focuses on improvement of Japanese language proficiency and the acquisition of knowledge in their area of specialization to prepare them to study alongside Japanese undergraduate students

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)