Listen to Aleppo: A Japanese Reading Session

December 26, 2022

On Thursday, December 22, 2022, as part of the academic agreement between the University of Aleppo and TUFS, a Japanese reading session was held at the Center for Japanese Studies and Exchange, University of Aleppo, with the cooperation of the Arabic Language Department of TUFS. A live broadcast of the event was also held at TUFS in Room 115 of the Research and Lecture Building.

At the event, Dr. Abdelelah Naoulou of the Center for Japanese Academic Exchange at the University of Aleppo, Dr. Lamis Harbali, Vice President of the University, and Professor Matsukuma, Vice President of TUFS, gave opening remarks that were followed by 15 students from the University of Aleppo giving readings in Japanese. The readings included I am a Cat by Soseki Natsume, Gongitsune (Gon, the Little Fox) by Nankichi Niimi, a graduate of TUFS, Shayo (The Setting Sun) by Osamu Dazai, The Restaurant of Many Orders by Kenji Miyazawa, and Yukiguni (Snow Country) by Yasunari Kawabata.