TUFS-EAFIT Double Degree Program Produces First Recipient

January 16, 2020

In August 2018, TUFS signed a double degree agreement with EAFIT University in Colombia. Through this agreement, TUFS student KUGE Tokio (Graduate School of Global Studies, Master’s Program, Global Studies, Language and Culture Studies Course, second year) went on exchange to EAFIT University for one year from January 2019. As a result, Kuge received a Master’s Degree in Interpretation of Literature from EAFIT University, becoming the first recipient in this double degree program.

<Thoughts on the Program>

  • Kuge Tokio

I am relieved to have finished the year without a hitch. I think part of my success was due to my professors and classmates welcoming me so warmly. It was an atmosphere where, as long as I put my thoughts into Spanish and spoke them slowly, clearly and correctly, someone would answer me. I now know that, despite a place like that existing and seeming so normal, it is not the norm at all.